Awaken Your Inner Dolphin

I’ve been hanging around the metaphysical section of book stores for decades. New Age, channeling, healing, past life therapy, pre-life planning, spirit guides–I’ve pretty much read it all. So, it’s rare when I pick up a book that has a new angle, a fresh story to tell. Inner Dolphin Awakening: Opening Time Capsules of Joy, Telepathy, and Multidimensionality by Jan Lemuri opens some interesting vistas, even for a jaded old New Ager, like myself.

Jan Lemuri

Jan and I became “Facebook friends” a while back through a Lee Carroll/Kryon connection. We are both well-versed in the Kryon world view of expanding consciousness that emerges after listening to dozens of messages given across the globe. Regarding dolphins and whales, Kryon states that cetaceans have a special relationship to the earth. They are the memory keepers of the planet. They may be far more evolved spiritually than human beings. Dolphins and whales are playing key roles in raising the consciousness of the planet.
Jan and I share a common multidimensional bond with dolphins. In my book, Supernal Adventures: Exploring the New Normal of Multidimensional Living, I recall a “dolphin attunement,” when I had a vision of becoming a dolphin and swimming with a pod. My affinity with dolphins has continued since that frequency bonded into my auric field.
Jan’s spiritual journey with dolphins has set the course of his life. He has traveled the globe to swim and commune with cetaceans in their natural habitats. The dolphins have become his spiritual teachers and family as he has grown into a multidimensional connection with them.
Inner Dolphin Awakening begins with Jan’s personal spiritual memoir. Born in the small central European country of Slovenia, Jan was raised in a non-spiritual home. His father was an avowed atheist and his mother a nurse who focused on the physical realities of life. A series of spiritually charged experiences as a teenager opened the mental door to esoteric exploration. Illness led to discovering Reiki and energy healing. Kryon channels caught his attention. After a few years, dolphins entered his consciousness through dreams.
Jan traveled the globe to meet and commune with dolphins. He studied dolphins and wrote a thesis on Assisted Dolphin Therapy, which is a growing field.  Ultimately, inter-species communication entered the picture.
The book moves beyond memoir to exploring the spiritual possibilities of communication with cetaceans. It’s possible they have been waiting for humans to reach a level of consciousness where we can receive the messages they have to share.
Dolphins seem to live in a state of joy. If they can inspire joyful living in humans, wouldn’t the world be a better place?
Inner Dolphin Awakening adds to the esoteric library a fascinating glimpse of evolving understanding of global consciousness, universal oneness, and inter-species communication.
Pick up or download a copy and you may discover an Inner Dolphin waiting to be awakened in you!

Available at Amazon: Inner Dolphin Awakening by Jan Lemuri

About the Author

Jan Lemuri is a passionate explorer, traveler and writer. His curiosity was sparked 14 years ago, when dolphins started visiting him in his dreams. His journey took him to meet and often swim with cetaceans in Hawaii, Croatia, Azores (Portugal), New Zealand, Tonga and Australia. In 2012 he finished his studies of Social Work with a thesis on Dolphin Assisted Therapy. He currently resides in Taos, NM with his wife and a 3-year old daughter.

Supernal Adventures: Exploring the New Normal of Multidimensional Living

Spread the “Supernal Effect”

One of the highlights of my week is Sunday evening when I snuggle onto my cozy California King and read the LA Times. This week one of the headlines that caught my eye was “L.A. crime dip belies bad economy.” The article says that despite the predictions of pundits that the recession would result in increased crime, a downward trend of murder, rape and robbery has continued over the past several years. Experts are puzzled. The police department likes to take a lot of credit, but admit there must be more to the story. Perhaps people within the communities are simply setting new standards of behavior.

I’m sure all of those elements have played a part. However, I smiled because I think  there has also been a “Supernal Effect” taking place. What’s that, you ask? Have you ever heard of the Maharishi Effect? It goes back to the 1970’s and the whole TM movement. The idea is that if as little as 1% of a population sends positive energy to reduce crime, the rate of violence will go down. Now, there are conflicting research reports as to the validity to the hypothesis.  But, it seems like an excellent idea, doesn’t it?

Not being of the Transcendental Meditation persuasion, I like the ring of “Supernal Effect” better. This is when people individually pray for their cities and states. The collective positive energy raises the vibrations of the population. Just as illness disappears within a body when the energetic value is elevated, the lower vibrations of violence can perhaps be lifted and diffused. Of course, this is only a theory, but I believe there are many like-minded people understanding the power of the collective conscious.

I begin my mornings with prayer and meditation. I ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and pray for the people in my bundle. Then I pray for Los Angeles, because I live here. I visualize angels and a calming energy permeating the community. I attempt to send out a high vibration of love. I also send calming thoughts to the many fault lines that lie under the city and tell them to move gently. I mean, what can it hurt? If there are  other people (and I know of at least two) who are doing the same thing, then perhaps the Supernal Effect is coming into play to bring the crime rate down.

Can’t prove it, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful experiment if more people consciously prayed for their communities on a daily basis? Let’s spread the Supernal Effect

Have a lovely day–

Dana Taylor