The Supernal Approach to Birth & Death

Entering and exiting life isn’t easy. Learning to work with the Ever-Flowing Streams :Tapping Into Healing Energy can make the journey smoother.

As my daughter, Sara, neared the delivery of her first child three years ago, we made sure I arrived in St. Louis a few days before her due date. A few days turned into three weeks. The final stages of pregnancy are a trial–uncomfortable in every way. Images of beached whales come to mind. Aching back, swollen legs, internal plumbing challenges, false contractions. Ugh. Sara was grateful for her mama’s healing hands. Back and foot rubs, soothing essential oils and energy treatments got her through.

“Mom,” she has said, “I’m so grateful you were there during those last days.” I was in the delivery room, too, sending energy into every contraction of a 27 hour labor. Of course, the prize was well worth it. Our darling, Will, is the light of our lives.

Exiting life can also require much caregiving. The worth of sending healing energy is beyond measure. Both my parents had long goodbyes. Their dining room was transformed into a hospice room, complete with a hospital bed and walker. During one week of 2007, my Dad charged through the stages of dying laid out in the hospice pamphlet. Despite morphine and growing weakness, he exhibited obvious pain by thrashing and calling for help. I was an energy worker on the front lines.

Interestingly, I used the same techniques to usher him out of the world–foot rubs, essential oils, energy treatments–as I used to coax my grandson into life.  At the height of Dad’s discomfort, I stood at his head and prayed calming energy into his body until he quieted into sleep. I’m grateful that I had been shown the tools of energy work and prayer to ease him through the passage. My husband and I watched Dad take his last breaths in the home he had loved for so long. His spirit appeared to float out of his lips and towards heaven.

In a few months, I look forward to welcoming Will’s little sister into this world. There are bound to be plenty of back rubs and energy treatments for her mama before delivery day. The wheel of life will continue when Little Sister takes that first gulp of air and begins her earthly journey.

I can hardly wait to show her life as a grand Supernal Adventure!

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3 comments on “The Supernal Approach to Birth & Death

  1. He is Joy Incarnate. Last week in a Supernal Session, Sue received the message–“The Twin Flames will rise again”–meaning Will and his sister. THAT ought to be interesting to watch!

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