Go on a Rampage of Appreciation

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires A couple of weeks ago I was in the doldrums, caught in the grips of “stinkin’ thinkin’, as Zig Ziglar used to say. Getting nowhere fast and seeing my glass half-empty. I recalled the words of another guru, Wayne Dyer–“Change your thinking, change your life.” So, I trolled the Kindle spiritual books page and happened upon  Ask and It Shall Be Given: Learning to Manifest by Esther & Jerry Hicks. Originally published in 2004, I’d heard the CD version, but never read the book.

It is channeled material via a group of souls called Abraham, which elicits a scary boogey-man reaction from many people. Or as my husband calls it, “a lot of bu**%t.” However, living a Supernal Life makes such things no big deal whatsoever. It’s the information that is important. Is it worth considering?

Ask and It Shall Be Given has influenced the thinking and lexicon of the past decade. The Law of Attraction has become an industry in itself. Rhonda Byrne turned soundbites into The Secret, which is still a New Age top seller. Phrases like The Art of Allowing, Vibrational Set-Point,   and Overwhelment created a whole Abrahamic vocabulary to illustrate the Law of Attraction. Simplified it means, the thoughts you project out bring in the events of your life. Or, we all create our own reality.

Yeah, yeah, yeah you say. But, if you take the time to read the book, you’ll see yourself reflected. At least, I did. It has given me some tools to transform my stinkin’ thinkin’ into a Rampage of Appreciation. And, guess what? Better things have been coming my way. I received two calls “out of the blue” this week to improve  situations  that seemed dismal. Positive reviews have popped up about my books. Coincidence? I think not.

Globally, it seems to me there is epidemic “stinkin’ thinkin.” The stock market plunges on fear. The more everyone fears, the more it plunges. Companies don’t hire because they are afraid of the future. People are paralyzed in their fear. If you want to break out of that pack you might consider turning off your TV and turning the pages of Ask and It Shall Be Given

The subtitle of  is Learning to Manifest Your Desires. My Supernal friend, Sue, had an interesting realization about the subject. Listen in her own words on the latest pod cast at Supernal Friends on the Hello from Heaven Radio page. We named the episode “Sue’s Manifesting Epiphany.” She also talks about her increasing talent of clairaudience. Pretting interesting stuff!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend–


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