Did We Manifest Hurricane Harvey?

by Dana Taylor

As Hurricane Harvey churned toward Texas, I sat upon my yoga mat in my Hawaiian apartment meditating on the gathering storm. Could it be calmed, dissipated or diverted as I’ve seen mass prayers seem to do in other weather events? I prayed and asked. The answer was NO. Snap shots played on my mental movie screen. An unstoppable force of wind, rain, and destructive floods. People caught in harm’s way. Buildings, businesses, homes underwater.

From an esoteric standpoint, I wasn’t surprised, even as my gut felt sickened by the coming toll on thousands of families. The predictions of this year have been unfolding. The Year of the Rooster. All the political figures crowing (or tweeting) of their greatness and might. Doreen Virtue had prayed “protect the children” for May, the month of the London concert attack on young music fans. She predicted riots in the streets throughout the year and a cataclysmic event near the fall. Hurricane Harvey fits the bill. 

The hurricane isn’t simply a weather event. It is an energetic event. Some might call it an Act of God. Yet, cosmically, it may be a case of like attracting like. The energy emanating from the US this year has been turbulent and destructive. Angry people expressing themselves in marches, profanity, and violence. Gun addiction and hate crimes on the rise. We’ve created a whirlwind of hatred and frustration, sending it into the very atmosphere, calling it our way. Gaia listened and delivered.

We humans are powerful creatures, unconsciously manifesting the daily events of our lives. It’s easy to see the friends around us calling forth the bad relationships and financial disasters. Not so easy to see our own fatal attractions. Collectively, we also manifest as a family, community, city, state and nation. The power of the manifesting is daunting at the national and global level. Why, you might even get a huge “once in a thousand years” hurricane.

“The hurricane isn’t simply a weather event. It is an energetic event. Some may call it an Act of God. Yet, cosmically, it may be a case of like attracting like.”

So, now the test before us is what kind of energy do we send out to deal with this national crisis? Does mob mentality rule? Every man for himself, the looters are loosed on Houston, followed by martial law? Or do we take a path of rescue, reconciliation, and healing?

We’re at a pivotal point, a crossroads. We can continue down a path of destruction and hatred, thus calling more destruction and hatred our way. I suppose a nuclear bomb would take it to the next level.

Or we can collectively choose peace, kindness, compassion and love. Hurricane Harvey presents an opportunity to bring out our highest nature or debase humanity even further. Which way will we go?

Of course, I’m a romantic at heart, a believer in happy endings after the Black Moment. A spiritual Pollyanna. I have hope that we can collectively come to a place of reconciliation, help our neighbors, treat others as we would like to be treated.

If we set our minds and hearts to it, we can manifest a much better world. It takes an act of will, and then Love put into action. It begins with you and me, one person at a time. My greatest hope is that suffering from Hurricane Harvey takes us collectively to a place of redemption of our national soul and makes us a more compassionate people.

God bless Texas, and all of us.

Dana Taylor



Books for Inner Peace

Like to start or end your day with a dose of spiritual encouragement? Here are three books that have inspired me to release anxiety, go with the flow, and embrace joy. They come at it from different angles and traditions, but they’re all singing my tune.

Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the 81 pearls of wisdom from the ancient pen of Lao-tzu in the Tao te Ching, or Book of the Way, is pithy and wise. The Second Book of the Tao picks up later Taoist philosophers’ stories and poems with a wry Mitchell commentary offering a Western take on Eastern thinking. These short expressions of profound ideas validate the notion that less truly is more.


Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling has taken Christendom by storm. Young has all the right credentials for the Christian market from her education and to her mission field lifestyle. The book grew out of her personal journaling and receiving “messages.”  The metaphysical world,  would call that “channeling;” the Christian world is more comfortable with “inspired.” (You say tomaato, I say tomahto.) In any case, the daily devotionals resonate with readers looking for a vibrant relationship the Living Lord, Jesus, or the Christ Consciousness. Young mostly refers to “Me” or “My Presence,” but you know who she means.


 I’ve also found myself returning to Jack Armstrong’s Lessons from the Source. This self-published book is lesser known, but offers an excellent mental path of achieving your Greater Good. This channeled (or inspired) material has a Law of Attraction flavor. As the adage goes—change your thinking, change your life. This book is a good place to start.


Feed your mind with uplifting thoughts and see what good things come your way. That’s part of Supernal Living!

Dana Taylor

Go on a Rampage of Appreciation

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires A couple of weeks ago I was in the doldrums, caught in the grips of “stinkin’ thinkin’, as Zig Ziglar used to say. Getting nowhere fast and seeing my glass half-empty. I recalled the words of another guru, Wayne Dyer–“Change your thinking, change your life.” So, I trolled the Kindle spiritual books page and happened upon  Ask and It Shall Be Given: Learning to Manifest by Esther & Jerry Hicks. Originally published in 2004, I’d heard the CD version, but never read the book.

It is channeled material via a group of souls called Abraham, which elicits a scary boogey-man reaction from many people. Or as my husband calls it, “a lot of bu**%t.” However, living a Supernal Life makes such things no big deal whatsoever. It’s the information that is important. Is it worth considering?

Ask and It Shall Be Given has influenced the thinking and lexicon of the past decade. The Law of Attraction has become an industry in itself. Rhonda Byrne turned soundbites into The Secret, which is still a New Age top seller. Phrases like The Art of Allowing, Vibrational Set-Point,   and Overwhelment created a whole Abrahamic vocabulary to illustrate the Law of Attraction. Simplified it means, the thoughts you project out bring in the events of your life. Or, we all create our own reality.

Yeah, yeah, yeah you say. But, if you take the time to read the book, you’ll see yourself reflected. At least, I did. It has given me some tools to transform my stinkin’ thinkin’ into a Rampage of Appreciation. And, guess what? Better things have been coming my way. I received two calls “out of the blue” this week to improve  situations  that seemed dismal. Positive reviews have popped up about my books. Coincidence? I think not.

Globally, it seems to me there is epidemic “stinkin’ thinkin.” The stock market plunges on fear. The more everyone fears, the more it plunges. Companies don’t hire because they are afraid of the future. People are paralyzed in their fear. If you want to break out of that pack you might consider turning off your TV and turning the pages of Ask and It Shall Be Given

The subtitle of  is Learning to Manifest Your Desires. My Supernal friend, Sue, had an interesting realization about the subject. Listen in her own words on the latest pod cast at Supernal Friends on the Hello from Heaven Radio page. We named the episode “Sue’s Manifesting Epiphany.” She also talks about her increasing talent of clairaudience. Pretting interesting stuff!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend–