Fond Farewell to L.C. Evans

One of the more difficult aspects of living a Supernal Life, is walking the last miles with someone on their earthly journey. This past week, the writing world and her family said goodbye to Linda (L.C.) Evans.Image of L. C. Evans

Linda came into my life last April. She was the first person to post an unsolicited  review of Ever-Flowing Streams.  She said in the review “This book reached out to me,” and we soon reached out to each other. We had a lot in common, from our age group, our interest in holistic living,  to our experiences slugging it out in the world of publishing. She told me she had some sort of growth in her stomach area and was afraid to go to a doctor. I encouraged her to seek medical care. That led to a surgery and the discovery of a rare and virulent cancer.

As the months unfolded, we traded emails and talked several times. She became a daily recipient of healing energy from the Supernal Friends team. Despite the fact we had a sense that Linda was approaching her final exit point, we knew she needed constant energy for the journey. She fought the good fight. She didn’t want to leave her family, especially the grandson she was raising. Her writing was finally being recognized. We Interrupt The Date was a breakout bestseller.We Interrupt This Date There was so much more she wanted to say and do.

The last time I spoke to Linda, there were a lot of tears. Part of Supernal Living is being there to support people through the hard times, allowing them to express pain, frustration and grief. We ended the conversation with a prayer. At least I could offer that much. I hope that our prayerful vigilance helped her and the family.   

Linda will be missed, which is the way it should be. Someone who gave and loved leaves a hole behind. But, they also leave a legacy. I’m sure the  encouragement Linda gave her grandson will be the gift that keeps giving. If there’s one thing I’ve discovered after saying final goodbyes to several loved ones is that a part of them remains. They not only live on in the spiritual realm, they also come back in memories time and again. Truly, love never dies.

So, farewell Linda. It was an honor to know you. Thanks for inviting me on your journey. You’ll always be a part of me.

Dana Taylor

You’ll find all of Linda’s books at  L.C. Evans Author Page. Proceeds from her books will go towards paying the many expenses that have stacked up over the past few months. You’ll enjoy her work. Books live on!

One comment on “Fond Farewell to L.C. Evans

  1. To lose a kindred spirit is a great sadness. I send my good wishes to all Linda’s family and friends that good memories comfort and sustain them.

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