Juicing–Breakfast of Champions

Many people buy a juicer with good intentions and then relegate to a dark cabinet to gather dust. I admit to often being one of those people. A couple of months ago, after a summer of vacationing and eating over-cooked, lifeless food my system was feeling the abuse. A mysterious and persistent stitch grabbed my side. The afternoon bloat seemed to be getting worse.

Time to dust off the juicer.

I went on a two-day juice fast, running a variety of red, green, and yellow foods through the machine. Watermelon was in season and made a great juice base. Almost anything is palatable mixed with sweet watermelon juice. I ventured to the local Saturday morning Farmer’s Market and came back laden with sprouts, beets, Swiss chard, tomatoes, and juicy melon.

Juicing has once again become part of my weekly routine. Best of Juicing sites these benefits from juicing:

  • Increased absorption of nutrients–no chewing required
  • Beneficial Enzyme intake–these little soldiers do so much work of the body, especially digesting food
  • Antioxidants–grab those nasty free radicals that age you
  • Enhance the immune system–stay strong, baby
  • Enhance metabolic rate–burn, calories, burn

After the first week I ran into a friend at church I hadn’t seen in a while. She said, “You’re glowing! Are you in love?”

I laughed, thinking an outbreak of acne probably heralded the last time I’d fallen in love. “I’ve been juicing.”

My skin, hair, and overall health has improved these last few weeks. The stitch in my side disappeared. My digestive tract has cleansed. My energy level has improved.

People object to juicing mainly because it is admittedly messy. The cleanup takes a few minutes. We’re used to drinking juice out of a carton–no muss, no fuss. Develop a different mindset. Think of it as cooking, without the heat.

You chop, you juice, you clean up. Get a stiff brush to speed up the process of getting small particles out of the mesh of the juicer.  From beginning to end the process takes half an hour or less. You’re worth it!

Tangy Treat

1 beet

2 carrots

1 apple

1 inch fresh ginger

2 stalks celery

1/2 cup cabbage

Juicing–it’s what’s for breakfast!

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