Reluctantly Reiki

It’s that time of year again–Andy Williams singing, strange blow-up Santa’s on people’s lawns and I’m selling “Shiny Green Shoes” in the Christmas story anthology, HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

shoes300The story centers on a black child of the Depression and her unlikely friendship with an aging white actress. Where did the story come from? I’ve rarely told the origin of the idea because people might think I am a little crazy (like that’s something new.) I’ve used the audio version as Christmas card in the past. A friend’s husband (fine Christian fellow) once asked me where the story came from and I told him the truth. I never got invited to their home again.

But, maybe times are changing. I recently received my Reiki Master Certificate from the local community college. Hospitals are offering Reiki treatments. People are now calling me for Reiki treatments. When Bette Lee Crosby invited me to guest blog at her site today and talk about HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS, I decided to reveal the Reiki connection to the story’s inspiration.

Hop over to Bette’s site and read “the rest of the story”– HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS at Words, Wit and Wisdom.

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