Find Your Energy Field

energy handsWhen I tell people I’m an energy worker, generally they have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s because very few people are aware of their “subtle body.” Chakras and the auric field are real to me because I can FEEL them. Sometimes I can SEE them. All sorts of interesting information may pop into my mind through contacting a client’s energy field.

Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to energy fields. Awareness of your subtle body can be a major step toward healing. Learning to protect yourself from negative energy can really enhance your life. So how do you tune into your aura? PRACTICE! Turn off the electronic devices and turn on your personal energy. Here is a basic exercise to build awareness of the your magnetic field.

Create An Energy Ball

Sit comfortably. Lift arms about waist level, palms facing each other, a few inches apart. Pulse hands slightly. Now, close your eyes and imagine a beam of light coming from the heavens, running down your arms, and shooting out of your palms. Picture it in motion, feel the electricity coursing through your limbs. In a few minutes you should be able to sense an “energy ball” form between your hands. It may feel warm. There will be a push, like magnets turned as they repel each. You are activating your magnetic field. The “energy ball” can get bigger and bigger as you become more adept at focusing your energy.

Experiencing an Ah-Ha Moment discovering your personal energy can be the first step to a whole new understanding of the human experience. Taking charge of your energy can be the beginning of taking charge of your life!

Read more about the unseen, but very real world of energy healing in EVER-FLOWING STREAMS: TAPPING INTO HEALING ENERGY  Available as an ebook at Amazon or as a paperback at           Tapping400

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