Break the Habit of Fear

th[8]I’ve been keeping a journal of my mental trips to the Akashic Records. So often now when I read an entry I think, I don’t remember that. Good thing I’m writing the information down! Much of it dissolves like a dream. The entry for September 15, 2013 seems like good advice for just about everyone on the planet, so I thought I would share.

QUESTION to the Guardians of the Akashic Records (for Dana Taylor): What pattern has been established that needs to be cleared or changed?

ANSWER: Fear is a basic condition of humans that is a strong influence on all your reactions and plans. Fear-based theology, fear about health, wealth, war, invasion, personal safety, fear for children, fear of the future.

Come to recognize how much fear has influenced your life and then come to see it as a bad habit to be broken. Break the ties and bondages of fear. Be liberated from all the fear that generally rules mankind. Seek the higher energies and allow them to dissolve the lower energies of fear. From that will come creativity, freedom, and joy. Higher entities will be attracted to you and aid in your creative endeavors.

Messages from angels in the Bible say, “Be not afraid. Fear not.” These messages are not simply for the moment, but a permanent exultation to recognize fear as a crippling illusion. Shatter the illusion of fear and step into the light and love of the Christ Spirit.


When that came through, it took me by surprise. I haven’t thought of myself as particularly fearful, but I had to admit the truth of it. Fear–or caution some might call it–is a tool for human survival. Don’t talk to strangers, take your pills, buy lots of insurance, don’t go by the river where the gators live. There’s some wisdom in fear. But when it paralyzes and stifles, it’s time to kick the habit.

What fears are holding you back from the joys of life? Think about it.

Fearlessly Yours,

Dana Taylor

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