Mystical Journey Wins Top Fiction Award

TISBA category_winner_sm (1)The Indie Spiritual Book Awards–2014 Fiction Category Winner

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Looking for a fictional story with strong spiritual overtones? Check out this award-winning tale from June O’Brien, a member of the Nansemonde Tribe of the Northwest. She is from a culture in which seeing spirits, visiting with them, and being summoned are not unusual.  She knows the spiritual gifts of wild plants, gathers them and makes medicine for the body and for the soul.  This knowledge is woven into The Blue Child Series.  

From the TISBA Judge Review:

Called by Spirit, the three sisters, Grace, Agnes and Ruby, come together to travel from sanctuary to sanctuary in order to hide powerful, ancient medicine from a group of beings from the dark side, the Lillin. This group has unexpectedly discovered the existence of this long-hidden power, and they have great resources to bring to bear to capture and possess it.
This riveting adventure is from the start compelling, fast becoming an impossible-to-put-down nail-biter as the reader eagerly awaits the outcome of the sisters’ mission.  Ms. O’Brien skillfully weaves an intricate, personal relationship between the sisters and the various beings, human and otherwise, encountered along the way.
About the Author
??????????????????????????????? June O’Brien is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  She is a member of the Nansemond Tribe, has degrees in psychology and counseling, and has published two collections of poetry, an autobiography, From the Bone, and two books of fiction: The Blue Child Series: On the Mountain, and The North Road.When June was a child an elder in the family identified her and two of her cousins as dreamers.  “While I paid her little attention at the time, over the years I find that my aunt was right.  People bring me their dreams, and I seem to understand the message, the meaning, the intention of the Dream Maker.” Visit June’s website at

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