Spirited Woman Top 12 Spring Book List Announced

The Spirited Woman, founded by Nancy Mills, spotlights spirit-minded women in various fields around the globe. The Spirited Woman Foundation raises funds and donates to charitable organizations that heal and empower women. Four times a year 12 books are picked that illuminate and inspire spiritual and emotional growth. I’m very honored to be included in this newly released list. Please check out the other fine books and authors on the list.
SPRING is the time of new beginnings, reinvention and rejuvenation. On our Spring Top 12 Book Pick list, we’ve included an array of gifted authors to help you be inspired. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.

MY NOTHING – Stepping out to discover self. Rosie revisited her broken childhood to forgive and release her past. Ultimately beginning her personal healing. Trust led her to a 1,000-year-old Banyan tree who like a mother provided comfort, allowing new found wisdom. A story of Rosie’s empowering quest to discover the nothing space deep within. From nothing you have everything. www.rosiebanyan.com.

MOMENTS: MAGIC, MIRACLES AND MARTINIS – During times of uncertainty, challenges and change, how do we find a ray of hope to move forward? In Amy Van Atta Slater’s bestselling book, she offers a torch of inspiration, motivation, mindfulness and authenticity that illuminates even the most desperate of situations with possibility. Order your copy today to see what the buzz is all about: www.AmyVSlater.com Amazon.

HEART TOOLS FOR COUPLES: 8 WAYS TO A LOVING RELATIONSHIP – Offers simple but profound tools for anyone wanting to bring more love, understanding and deeper connection into their relationships. The book is down-to-earth, drawn from Ani and Bill’s 30-year marriage and work as therapists, winning much praise from relationship and visionary pioneers Harville Hendrix and Anodea Judith.compassionaterelationships.com.
BEYOND THE HORIZON – by Marilyn Stacy, describes astral (out of body) travel based on her own experiences. She writes of having lucid and precognitive dreams, spirit visits, and past life experiences, and how to see auras, to dowse, and more. Her book offers instructions that can open new dimensions to those who are curious and willing to believe. www.marilynstacy.com lulu.com.

G-VITES: EVERYDAY INVITATIONS FROM GOD – by Patty Kogutek, Ed.D. is a handbook for practical spirituality. In this book Patty shares how she found God in ordinary circumstances after living as a nun for seven years. You will identify the Divine, dwelling in your everyday life. You will discover how to interpret these lessons to give purpose and meaning to your life. www.pattykogutek.com.

SUPERNAL ADVENTURES: EXPLORING THE NEW NORMAL OF MULTIDIMENSIONAL LIVING – What happens after a “miracle healing?” Author Dana Taylor and two friends set out to understand the mysteries behind the miracle. Their mystical experiences weave through the subjects that arise – Energy Healing, Past Lives, Akashic Records, Pre-Life Planning, Spirit Communication and more. Welcome to the New Normal.Amazon SupernalLiving.com.

REINCARNATION: PAST LIVES AND THE AKASHIC RECORD – by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA. This is Lois’ second book on case studies of past life readings. What she sees resonates deeply with her clients, and that knowledge can powerfully heal them of still active ancient past-life trauma. Parallel and overlapping lifetimes are discussed, and spontaneous past life memories.HotPinkLotus.com Amazon.

TRAPPED: VISITOR FROM HEAVEN – A redemptive story narrated by Archangel Ramiel. A woman’s firsthand experience rising from the depths of abusive power that led to a persistent search for truth, psychic and spiritual phenomena, complete surrender and a healing likened to a modern day resurrection.  The heroine’s journey demonstrates the power of faith and the force of the mind. www.behealedforever.com Amazon.

WHOSE COUCH IS IT ANYWAY? – Highlights insightful stories about five families – you’ll find solutions to the challenges of living with Boomerang Kids. Over 20 million Millennials have moved home, are underemployed and carrying over $1 trillion in student loans. These are the cold facts behind this dilemma. Learn how to communicate, compromise and cooperate as you navigate the generation gap. Amazon.

EVER-FLOWING STREAMS: CHRIST, REIKI, REINCARNATION AND ME – 2014 Indie Spiritual Book Award Winner. Go see that woman! Despite trepidation, author Dana Taylor heeds the internal command to set an appointment with a Reiki therapist. She receives not only healing, but a whole new world view. Break old cultural barriers with this engaging spiritual memoir. Available at Amazon SupernalLiving.com.

IMAGINE: A WHOLE DIFFERENT KIND OF MEDICAL CARE – by Dr. Tina Marcantel. A practical, empowering guidebook to understanding root causes of chronic health issues like fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and more. Dr. Marcantel explains in simple language how stress and lifestyle affect hormonal imbalances that lead to common conditions and tells how you can take charge of your health! DrMarcantel.com.

EDINA: ENERGY MEDICINE FROM THE STARS! – by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA. For years human-sized golden beings worked alongside Lois in the massage room. One day five enormous blue beings appeared, conversed telepathically, and healed clients with her forever changing her life and the lives of thousands of clients and healers worldwide who work with them. EDINAHealingTemple.com Amazon.

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Women’s Fiction with Spiritual Flair

Finding mainstream novels with a spiritual component is rare. I know, there are thousands of books from Christian publishers, but, personally I often find them restrictive. They stay too safely in “the box” for my taste. Here are two novels from authors I’ve followed through the years who don’t stay in “the box.” Back in the day when I was on Internet radio, I enjoyed interviewing them.

51JfbzaPICL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Barbara O’Neal is a prolific award winning author (aka “Barbara Samuel” and “Ruth Wind”). Rising through the ranks of romance writing into women’s fiction, she creates complex characters that tug at your heart and also make you think. The Garden of Happy Endings features a unitarian female pastor, Reverend Elsa Montgomery, caught in the grips of personal and spiritual crisis. After many years as a successful minister in Seattle, a tragedy in the congregation unmoors her so much, the church leadership insists she take a sabbatical. The bulk of the story takes place in her hometown of Pueblo, Colorado. There she must deal with the man she gave to God, plus her sister is also in the midst of crisis. Healing for all is centered on the community garden, where Elsa pours her ministerial energies. As always, I enjoyed O’Neal’s unfolding story and relationships, but really relished inclusion of ministerial people working for God, but confronted with all-too-human emotions. As a bonus, there are even some mystical moments to satisfy supernal appetites.   And as the title implies, there’s a happy ending.

512xfdrBniL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_And for your further spiritual reading enjoyment, take a trip to Pie Town with author, Lynne Hinton. My radio interview with Hinton especially sticks in my mind because at the time she was pastoring a church in a small rural community. We discussed her personal journey from North Carolina, to a Masters in Divinity from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California to ministering in the Southwest. Pie Town takes place in New Mexico, a place of lost hopes and dreams, looking for inspiration. A new, fresh-out-of seminary priest is assigned to the small Catholic Church, and soon realizes he is unprepared for the cultural mixture of Hispanics, Anglos, and Native Americans all struggling to make a living. And when he brings a pregnant hitch-hiker into town, he unwittingly creates more drama. Hinton’s personal experience dealing with all the personalities that make up a congregation shines through the piece. Pie Town offers an entertaining slice of life with spiritual underpinnings.

Both of these authors spin compelling tales that entertain and lift your spirits. Check out all their work:

31yI6U2KVQL._UX250_  Barbara O’ Neal

Lynne_sm Lynne Hinton

Happy Reading!

Dana Taylor

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Mystical Journey Wins Top Fiction Award

TISBA category_winner_sm (1)The Indie Spiritual Book Awards–2014 Fiction Category Winner

awards images

Looking for a fictional story with strong spiritual overtones? Check out this award-winning tale from June O’Brien, a member of the Nansemonde Tribe of the Northwest. She is from a culture in which seeing spirits, visiting with them, and being summoned are not unusual.  She knows the spiritual gifts of wild plants, gathers them and makes medicine for the body and for the soul.  This knowledge is woven into The Blue Child Series.  

From the TISBA Judge Review:

Called by Spirit, the three sisters, Grace, Agnes and Ruby, come together to travel from sanctuary to sanctuary in order to hide powerful, ancient medicine from a group of beings from the dark side, the Lillin. This group has unexpectedly discovered the existence of this long-hidden power, and they have great resources to bring to bear to capture and possess it.
This riveting adventure is from the start compelling, fast becoming an impossible-to-put-down nail-biter as the reader eagerly awaits the outcome of the sisters’ mission.  Ms. O’Brien skillfully weaves an intricate, personal relationship between the sisters and the various beings, human and otherwise, encountered along the way.
About the Author
??????????????????????????????? June O’Brien is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  She is a member of the Nansemond Tribe, has degrees in psychology and counseling, and has published two collections of poetry, an autobiography, From the Bone, and two books of fiction: The Blue Child Series: On the Mountain, and The North Road.When June was a child an elder in the family identified her and two of her cousins as dreamers.  “While I paid her little attention at the time, over the years I find that my aunt was right.  People bring me their dreams, and I seem to understand the message, the meaning, the intention of the Dream Maker.” Visit June’s website at http://www.bluechildseries.com/

See The North Road at Amazon

Downward Dog, Upward Fog–meet Meryl Davids Landau

Meryl Davids LandauMeryl Davids Landau makes her fiction debut with Downward Dog, Upward Fog, a book that was just nominated as a General Fiction Book of the Year Finalist by Foreword Reviews. She is a certified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner, and has written many articles for national publications, including O, the Oprah magazine, Reader’s Digest, U.S. News & World Report, Huffington Post and Whole Living. Her writing has won several awards, and was a finalist for a prestigious National Magazine Award.

DT: Thanks for being at Supernal Living today, Meryl. Can you tell us how you approach spirituality in your novel?Downward Dog, Upward Fog

MDL: Everyone on any kind of spiritual path knows there’s a huge difference—a chasm, really– between knowing spiritual principles in your head and living them in your life. My own personal challenges with that became the springboard for the book, where my main character, Lorna, grapples with an awful mother, wacky coworkers, and then a family crisis after she discovers yoga and other spiritual pursuits.

 The book is fun women’s fiction, but the plot revolves completely around how Lorna handles the challenging people and situations all around her—and the answer is, not always perfectly. Readers who are very familiar with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, forgiveness and other spiritual practices tell me they enjoy seeing their passions reflected in a novel. But it’s also been great for me to hear from readers who are using the book as an introduction to spiritual principles, since Lorna discovers many teachings, teachers and approaches as the novel unfolds.

 One thing Lorna does not do is discover enlightenment via a trip to Bali or India or the Aztecs. Books to delicious places like that can be great fun, but the main question I want the novel to address is one the rest of us face in our real life: how do you maintain your spiritual center at the office, in the grocery store, with your workaholic boyfriend or hypercritical mother? The reader roots for Lorna to figure it out—and, I suspect, for herself to do so, too.

 Book description: Lorna Crawford has a great boyfriend, longtime friends, and a well-paying job as special-events coordinator at a premium ice-cream manufacturer. But, out of sorts and filled with self-doubt, the 33 year old soon realizes that what she really wants is to stay on the spiritual path she keeps diving off of. Lorna jump-starts her efforts at a silent yoga retreat. But after returning from the mountain, she quickly loses her connection in the face of scheming coworkers, judgmental girlfriends, and, especially, her overly critical mother. Lorna also wrestles over her future with her boyfriend, a hot guy who takes her to the hottest places, but who can’t discern a meditation cushion from a toad stool. Reading spiritual books and visiting a channeler and energy healer move Lorna forward, but her confusion remains. Lorna’s seeking is put to the ultimate test when personal tragedy strikes. Will she come to truly understand that living spiritually has little to do with how you pretzel yourself on the yoga mat (although she gets plenty good at that), and everything to do with embracing the twists in everyday life?

Download your copy of Downward Dog, Upward Fog and find out for yourself!