Explaining Healing Energy

Last week my client, Joan, ask me, “How do I explain what you do? It looks like all you do is stand there and wave your hands over me.” She’s been trying to tell her friends about her healing energy experience, but it’s a challenge to describe.

Consider electricity. We were all taught that Benjamin Franklin “discovered” electricity by flying a kite in a lightning storm. (Kite, rain, wind, a metal key.)  It took another hundred years for electricity to be harnessed for light bulbs, street cars, and cattle prods. Yet, the power was always there, untapped.

Take cell phones signals. Billions of frequencies are zooming through the atmosphere. All you need is a little hand-held device to pick up a unique signal. The amount of information that can be downloaded instantaneously is mind-boggling.

Healing energy is very similar. There are frequencies all around us—you just need to know how to receive them and utilize them. Humans are the receivers, instead of little hand-held devices. The healing facilitator becomes the conductor.

The one thing that has to be added into understanding healing energy beyond raw electricity and cell phone transmission is Intelligence. The healing energies carry information and appear to be connected to an Intelligence Source. That’s where the mystery begins and sometimes people get “freaked out.”

Dr. Eric Pearl, author of The Reconnection, admits that working with healing energy ultimately requires the response, “I don’t know how it works.” Yet, experience is proving time and again that healing energy does work.

For myself, it’s taken about thirty years of practice. Like playing the piano, you go from chopsticks to concertos if you practice. I believe we’re seeing more people being born with  evolved brains that can tap into these frequencies. Adam MacLeod, known as the DreamHealer was a healing child prodigy. Now he’s a modern scientist changing the healing landscape.

The books of Gregg Braden, (The Divine Matrix), tackle some of these questions and offer a whole new way to look at life on Planet Earth.

Healing energy? It’s everywhere—like intelligent electricity waiting to be turned on.