Explaining Healing Energy

Last week my client, Joan, ask me, “How do I explain what you do? It looks like all you do is stand there and wave your hands over me.” She’s been trying to tell her friends about her healing energy experience, but it’s a challenge to describe.

Consider electricity. We were all taught that Benjamin Franklin “discovered” electricity by flying a kite in a lightning storm. (Kite, rain, wind, a metal key.)  It took another hundred years for electricity to be harnessed for light bulbs, street cars, and cattle prods. Yet, the power was always there, untapped.

Take cell phones signals. Billions of frequencies are zooming through the atmosphere. All you need is a little hand-held device to pick up a unique signal. The amount of information that can be downloaded instantaneously is mind-boggling.

Healing energy is very similar. There are frequencies all around us—you just need to know how to receive them and utilize them. Humans are the receivers, instead of little hand-held devices. The healing facilitator becomes the conductor.

The one thing that has to be added into understanding healing energy beyond raw electricity and cell phone transmission is Intelligence. The healing energies carry information and appear to be connected to an Intelligence Source. That’s where the mystery begins and sometimes people get “freaked out.”

Dr. Eric Pearl, author of The Reconnection, admits that working with healing energy ultimately requires the response, “I don’t know how it works.” Yet, experience is proving time and again that healing energy does work.

For myself, it’s taken about thirty years of practice. Like playing the piano, you go from chopsticks to concertos if you practice. I believe we’re seeing more people being born with  evolved brains that can tap into these frequencies. Adam MacLeod, known as the DreamHealer was a healing child prodigy. Now he’s a modern scientist changing the healing landscape.

The books of Gregg Braden, (The Divine Matrix), tackle some of these questions and offer a whole new way to look at life on Planet Earth.

Healing energy? It’s everywhere—like intelligent electricity waiting to be turned on.

5 comments on “Explaining Healing Energy

  1. Hi, Dana! This is Joan again. I’m like your newest fan or something. Hah!

    I’m going to point my friends and co-workers to your blog so they can better understand how my problem was fixed. While it’s easy to tell them that you just waved your hands around and made things go away, I think it’s good to know there’s some kind of method to the madness. By the way, did I mention, I had a cheeseburger from In & Out on Sunday? Oh yeah, that happened.

    Anyhow, I told my best friend Jen about my experiences in your “reiki room”, or, if you prefer, the “healing facilitation room”. Jen is a attorney, like me, so one could say she’s a trained skeptic. Jen saw me before and saw me after treatment. She saw me eating only vegan food and listened to me complain if I was suffering the effects of food that was apparently contaminated by egg/milk/meat. Now I am constantly texting her about all the awesome junk food I’m eating. Maybe this is too much info, but my gas and indigestion is lower than before. And my acne has stopped! This gal at work actually noticed (acne, not the gas).

    I think most skeptics will have a hard time swallowing all this reiki/reconnection/healing energy business, but luckily, I’m able to swallow lots of junk food because of it, and that’s the bottom line. They can just stay sick, for all I care.

  2. Joan, you make me laugh! Girl, you’re going to get fat if you keep this up. I guess you have 15 years of pent-up junk food cravings to satisfy. Seeing the energetic connections of life requires a whole paradigm shift. There are lots of books and websites for people to explore about these subjects. I’ve been very gratified by the personal responses I receive from “Ever-Flowing Streams.” It’s obvious we’re all trying to figure out the mysteries of our own lives.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention the rest of my Jen story. So, Jen is a very logical thinker, very right-brained, but now she wants to see you to maybe help find out more about this mysterious allergy-like condition she’s been having lately. It’s the logical thing to do, after she saw what I got out of it.

  4. Well, you know my number! Other so. Cal. residents can contact me at supernalfriends@yahoo.com.

    Joan–you must be telling a lot of people about your experience. My website hits are way up. I have a vision of you stuffing Ding-Dongs in your mouth at work telling everyone about this Reiki therapist who helped you start eating junk food…

  5. Yeah, I have a big mouth….

    But wait! I ate some high fiber noodles with veggies and tofu today. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. My co-worker gave me a sausage breakfast sandwich to chase it down, so I don’t faint or something.

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