Who Knows The ET Secrets?

Film Review by Dana Taylor

When Steven Greer was an eight-year-old boy, he and his friends witnessed a strange flying object in the sky above his neighborhood. He never forgot it, but went about the business of life. He grew up, attended medical school, and in 1989 became a licensed emergency room physician. But, the memory of that childhood close encounter lingered and eventually set the course of his life.

In 1990, Dr. Steven Greer founded the Center for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). He joined a growing list of credible people, including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, seeking knowledge of ET contact on earth. In 1998 he gave up his medical career to begin the Disclosure Project, which sought to encourage global governments to release all classified information on UFO activity. In May 2001 he gathered 20 Air Force, Federal Aviation employees, and intelligence officers at the National Press Club to share their information. What might have been a ground breaking beginning to a new era of cosmic understanding was quickly glossed over by the powers that be. Attacks on the Twin Towers a few months later further pushed the Disclosure Project into oblivion.

Nevertheless, Dr. Greer and his associates persisted with their work and investigations.

Now, two documentaries are available via Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube for the UFO curious.

SIRIUS introduces Dr. Greer’s work to the general public. Greer comes across as a highly intelligent man, driven by curiosity and a search for truth. He is also spiritually aware, a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. A true left brain/right brain individual, keenly intellectual and esoteric. In SIRIUS we see him and team members sitting in remote areas sending mental invitations to ET ships to approach. Clips reveal excited observers watching lights in the sky fly near and depart.

Frankly, that sort of contact isn’t much different than spiritualists engaging in table tipping. It’s intriguing phenomena, but what does it prove? What’s the point? SIRIUS also weaves the investigation of a tiny South American skeleton known as the Atacama Humanoid, hoping to discover ET evidence in the DNA. While an interesting anomaly, “Ata” continues to be a mystery with no conclusive connection to other worldly origins.

The most compelling take away from SIRIUS and its follow up documentary, UNACKNOWLEDGED, is that the development of the atomic bomb seemingly attracted the attention of advanced ET civilizations to planet Earth. Civilians, airline pilots, retired military officers, and assorted intelligence officers are stepping forward with their personal eyewitness accounts of close encounters. A larger story emerges with lots of unanswered questions.

What does our government really know? Have our leaps of technology since WWII been partly because of reverse technology from downed alien air craft? Who controls this information? It’s suggested that Dwight Eisenhower was the last American president kept in the loop of information. Jimmy Carter relates seeing a UFO. When he became president, he asked to see classified UFO information. Request denied.

UNACKNOWLEDGED goes deeper into the territory of deep state control and secrecy. The rise of the oil industry and global domination of the petro-dollar rules the planet. What cleaner, cheaper, even free, energy knowledge has been suppressed to support the fossil fuel corporations?

The final moments of UNACKNOWLEDGED claim we have “lost a century” of progress. Corporate greed has reigned, caring little for people or the planet. Do ET technologies exist that could vastly improve the quality of life and health of the planet?¬† That’s the big question of the Disclosure Project.

Little did eight-year-old Steven Greer know when he saw something weird in the sky that day, he was starting a life-journey to global controversy.

Both thought-provoking documentaries are available for viewing through several sources including Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.


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