Manifesting Benevolent Outcomes

Part of “Supernal Living” is developing a conscious spiritual connection to manifest the life you want to live. Life doesn’t just happen. It is created by our thoughts, intentions, and choices. It is influenced on many levels, both physical and spiritual. Learning how to connect with your spiritual partners and develop those partnerships can break old patterns and result in amazing changes of circumstances. “Supernal Living” means learning that you’re not alone and consciously co-creating with Spirit your life, day by day.

Two books I’ve read lately deal with manifesting positive outcomes. The Gentle Way: A Self-Help for Those Who Believe in Angels by Tom T. Moore reveals asking for “Most Benevolent Outcomes” from your guardian angels. Benevolence is defined as a kindly disposition to promote happiness and prosperity through good works, or by generosity in and pleasure of doing good works–an angelic work description if I ever heard one. For everything from parking spaces to airplane connections, developing the practicing of voicing requests for a MBO, can be a very positive habit to develop. An example of an MBO would be “I request a most benevolent outcome for me safety going to and from school.” or “I request a most benevolent outcome getting through rush hour traffic safely and quickly.”

Esther Hicks/Abraham talks about “segment intending,” to consciously plan positive outcomes for every part of the day. The structure of asking for “Most Benevolent Outcomes,” simplifies the concept of segment intending. The Gentle Way is easy reading, perhaps lacking in spiritual depth, but certainly giving many examples for taking charge of your life and connecting with your spiritual team.

If you’re looking for something with a little more meat on its bones, Wayne Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting pulls in several philosophies along with Dyer’s life experience to illustrate how to “change your thinking, change your life.” Much of manifesting deals with visualizing events as you want them to go. If The Gentle Way illustrates how to approach the small moments of daily living, Wishes Fulfilled takes on the bigger challenges like careers and relationships. All Dyer’s books reflect where he is in life at the point he is writing the manuscript. During the period he wrote this one, he was dealing with a diagnosis of leukemia and met Mira Kelley, a past life regressionist. The book digresses from manifestation into his experience with healer John of God and his sessions with Mira Kelley. For me, those were the most interesting parts of the book–not to mention the pictures of orbs that have started appearing in photographs taken of Dyer, especially at speaking engagements. But the subjects of orbs is for another post.

If you’re looking for a solid book on manifesting positive outcomes, Wishes Fulfilled is a good place to start.

Here’s hoping you manifest many benevolent outcomes!

Dana Taylor



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