God’s medicines–Essential Oils

It’s that germ-ridden time of year. Be pro-active about keeping healthy and lay in a supply of Young Living Essential Oils.

My medicine cabinet holds an arsenal of powerful defenses and I think EVERYONE should have them also.  The knowledge of essential oils goes back to antiquity. Question–What were the treasured gifts the Wise Men gave the Baby Jesus? Answer–frankincense and myrrh, two precious essential oils. Modern research has found oils contain many healing agents, but more importantly, they are HIGHLY ENERGETIC. They are the life blood of plants and their healing properties and energies are extremely beneficial.

Purification is a Medicine Cabinet Must.  Ingredients: Citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, Melaleuca,
lavandin, and myrtle. Kills viruses on contact. Excellent to use when traveling or going out in public. Rub some on your hands and neck to protect your system. When you feel the beginning of a cold, apply several times a day to the throat area. (I put a drop in each nostril when I am fighting a cold. Some people may find that too strong.)

Thieves Ingredients: Clove, lemon,
 cinnamon, Eucalyptus radiata, and rosemaryThieves is a “hotter” blend than Purification  and delivers a blast to enemy microorganisms. Legend has it the blend is named for the Thieves who robbed bodies during the Black Plague. They were perfumers who knew the power of the oils. They could rob the dead without getting sick themselves. Rub on the bottom of the feet to boost the immune system.

 ImmupowerIngredients: Hyssop, mountain savory, ravensara, frankincense, oregano, clove , cumin,
and idaho tansy.The priciest and smelliest of the lot, the oregano oil in the blend gives off quite an aroma and I’m sure cold germs simply faint away. Application on the spine and bottom of feet will energize the body’s natural defenses.

Don’t let colds and flu get the upper hand. Go on the defensive with essential oils. They are truly God’s medicines. For more information go to Young Living Essential Oils. I strongly suggest finding a Young Living distributor in your area to learn more about these terrific products. If you just want to order on your own, feel free to use my distributor number 57763.

Read more about Pro-active health in Tapping400 EVER-FLOWING STREAMS:TAPPING INTO HEALING ENERGY.

Paperback version at Lulu.com http://bit.ly/1ad01q7 

Ebook at Amazon http://amzn.to/HSovEs

Stay well and enjoy Supernal Living!

Dana Taylor

4 comments on “God’s medicines–Essential Oils

  1. Wow, Dana… what a lot of interesting information (and, as always, I love the bits of history you throw in). I will have to look into this. Thank you! By the way, I would like to ask you (again) to write a historical one of these days… but I guess that’s another subject.

    • Hi Lilly–I can get VERY enthusiastic about the oils! Writing a historical…could happen. I’m still sitting on my Oklahoma Land Run novel. The plot was okay, but my writing style was very newbie. It would require a LOT of rewriting. Happy New Year!

  2. Love the info. I can vouch for lavender oil, and want to try the others you suggested, especially the peppermint!

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