The Healing Light–Still the One

Books become classics for a reason–they stand the test of time. The words of an author long gone from the planet still resonate with new generations. Such a book is The Healing Light by Agnes Sanford.  I first read the book in 1983–the year Agnes passed. It began a life-long exploration for me of healing prayer and learning principles of health.

The Healing LightThe book sat on my keeper shelf for decades, making one house move after another with my family. But I hadn’t read in its entirety in years. I’d moved onto the modern gurus, few of which reside on the keeper shelf. Last month I felt the urge to read it again. Interestingly, in a prayer session with Helen (see Supernal Friends) she said, “There’s a book you haven’t read in a long time. You’re supposed to read it again.” I knew she was talking about The Healing Light.

Published originally in 1947, the book touches on concepts touted by Hay House bestsellers. But before there was Dyer, Deepak or Abraham/Hicks–there was Agnes Sanford. Agnes brings elements of faith to her understanding of energy healing that is often missing in today’s literature. Agnes knew beyond a doubt from whence her power came.

Raised in China by missionary parents and then married for decades to a Protestant minister, Agnes Sanford was a pioneer in the healing ministry of the twentieth century. She taught that prayer is an act of co-creation between God and man. Her references to light, vibration, and scientific discoveries of her day show a mind that captured the whole picture of mind, body, and spirit.

Beneath all her teaching is a connection with the Christ Spirit. Agnes Sanford became the conduit of a healing source far beyond her human capabilities. She taught that anyone can also become such a conduit, given the practice and motivation.

Being an intercessor can be overwhelming. Increasingly, the Supernal Friends get calls to send healing energy to many people dealing with critical situations. One principle in the book that has helped me stay in the healing game is the idea of “bundles.” Nobody can pray for everybody. But, each of us can have certain prayer assignments in our “bundles.” If everyone prays for the people and situations in their individual bundles, the needs will be met.

In my meditation time, I ask for the bundle assignments to be made clear and I send healing energy to the best of my ability. Admittedly, my bundle feels fairly meager compared to the ocean of need in the world. But, I do my part and don’t allow guilt to drag me down for everything I don’t pray about.

The Bundle Concept is a good survival tool to the active healer/mediator.

One of the gals in my bundle who is struggling with cancer told me she has read The Healing Light three times this year. It has been source of spiritual and emotional strength. She’s even dreamed that Agnes Sanford has ministered to her as she sleeps.

When a book offers hope and enlightenment for over sixty years, it’s a classic.

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