Angel Nanny

Angel Anecdotes Series–
valentineMy daughter, Sara, and her husband moved into a lovely 1920’s era home in St. Louis when they got married. From the beginning, we sensed a kindly spirit in the upstairs area. Several of the Supernal Friends picked up similar images of a Victorian era woman. I pictured  one with a Gibson girl upswept hair style;  others saw her hair long and full.

Will, 1 yr

Will, 1 yr

During the time Sara was pregnant with her son, Will, she had the opportunity to receive her Reiki II attunement from Helen ( Helen told her that Will would also receive the attunement. He is our Reiki Baby. He has been extraordinarily healthy and happy. We also think he may have been watched over by the Victorian woman we sensed. Sara and I received similar names for her–“Lilli” or “Lillian.” Will was often content to stay in his crib and vocalized happily “alone.” Supernal Friend Paula once told me he was learning many things from Lilli.

When I visited their home, I shared Will’s room. One afternoon I closed the door to have some quiet prayer and meditation time. The windows were closed; no fan whirred. I sat in the rocking chair and went through my meditation. After a while, it occurred to me to address Lilli. I said in my mind, “I don’t know if you’re here, Lilli, but if you are I would like to thank you for taking care of Will.” I felt a little silly addressing what could have just been a figment of everyone’s imaginations, but it couldn’t hurt, right?

A couple of minutes later, a piece of paper sailed off the top of the armoire and drifted down to my feet.

Hmm, I guess that was Lilli’s way of saying, “You’re welcome.”


Dana Taylor

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