Zapped By An Angel

by Dana Taylor
I’ve been a bit quiet here lately for a variety of reasons, but a major one has been adjusting to a new energy that came in during the once-in-a-century lunar eclipse in January 2018. This business of multidimensional living has many surprises. Truly, I’m not sure what happened, but it felt like I was zapped by a major attunement. I was exhausted the week of the eclipse and the top chakra in my head felt wide open. Ever since I received The Reconnection attunement at an Eric Pearl event twelve years ago, my body adjusts to the new frequencies with jerking bursts of energy from the solar plexus. Often when I’m sending healing energy, I experience many quaking moments. They range from mild to significant. On a scale of 1-10, the post-eclipse energy bursts were an 8. Very strong and somewhat alarming.
Beyond that, my intuitive abilities seem heightened. Images and information from multidimensional sources are flowing more frequently and catching me off guard. The most amusing incident was when I was getting a facial. The salon owner, Connie, is an animal lover and we discussed her dogs as she worked her magic on me. In my mind’s eye I kept seeing a colored bird. It wouldn’t go away.
Finally, I asked her, “Do you have a bird?”
“Yes, I do, a wonderful canary. It has a red head and a white and yellow body.” She proceeded to tell me how she pampers this birdie with all sorts of special foods. Suddenly, I sensed the personality of this little guy. He projected the image of a bell. I saw him pecking his bell. I asked Connie if the bird had a bell in his cage and she couldn’t recall one. Then she pulled out her phone and scrolled through her pictures until she found him in his cage, next to a bell.
At that point it seemed important to ask, “What’s the bird’s name?”
“Oh,” she said, looking a little surprised. “His name is Jingle Bell.”
So, Jingle Bell the bird sent me pictures of a bell to tell me his name!
And that’s just one thing that has happened.
I’ve also felt the presence more closely of my spiritual “team” or angels. Nudges and instructions, detailed information when I’m sending healing energy. Last week a friend was having a tough night before heading to the hospital for major surgery in the morning. I hunkered down to send her calming, healing energy. Soon, I felt the cool presence of my healing angel to my right. I’ve been told her name is Asaniel. Once Asaniel showed up, an energy wave rolled over me. I was quaking, chanting, and buzzing. Wow! My friend was able to rest on and off during the night after that.
In the midst of all this, I felt led to listen to ANGELS IN MY HAIR by Lorna Byrne.
I’d never heard of Lorna until she popped up on Facebook and snagged my attention. The documentary on her life is very interesting. Coming from very humble beginnings in Ireland and living a uniquely mystical life, Lorna became a celebrity in the UK and Europe after the publication of her autobiography.
Born in the 1950’s, Lorna was considered the “slow” child in her family. She grew up seeing angels, but never told anyone about them for fear of being institutionalized. Some family members labeled her “retarded,” and her parents stopped sending her to school when she was 14. She often wandered off on her own, spending hours with her angelic companions, receiving a heavenly education.
She led what looked like a mundane and challenging life. She and her husband had limited educations and struggled to keep food on the table for their family. The angels gave her a vision early on of her husband and the poor health he would endure during their marriage. Seeing heavenly messengers is no guarantee of an easy life. Ask Joan of Arc or Bernadette of Lourdes.
Angels were Lorna’s best friends and mentors. Archangel Michael showed up quite often, along with other regulars. She also perceived energy fields and the occasional deceased human. Lorna’s narrative relates not only her personal life, but also the struggles of her native Ireland and the culture of her kinsmen. While many of her tales push well beyond the boundaries of ordinary “normal” people, she illustrates the interaction between humans and angels. Humans have free will and dominion over the earth plane. Angels offer assistance and guidance, but are often “unemployed” and ignored by their human charges.

The ultimate point of the book is that God and angels love humanity and are reaching out to us in multidimensional ways. Lorna imparts wisdom and insights from her experience as she continues her life path. Listening to her story has been calming during this time of personal transition. I’m certainly no Lorna Byrne with angels making themselves visible in my living room. Yet, her story allows me to feel a bit more comfortable in my “new normal” of knowing things and sensing guidance from multidimensional sources.
ANGELS IN MY HAIR is an engaging tale for the mystical minded. Say hello to your guardian angel and you may be surprised when you receive an answer back.


Supernal Adventures: Explore the New Normal of Multidimensional Living

Angel Nanny

Angel Anecdotes Series–
valentineMy daughter, Sara, and her husband moved into a lovely 1920’s era home in St. Louis when they got married. From the beginning, we sensed a kindly spirit in the upstairs area. Several of the Supernal Friends picked up similar images of a Victorian era woman. I pictured  one with a Gibson girl upswept hair style;  others saw her hair long and full.

Will, 1 yr

Will, 1 yr

During the time Sara was pregnant with her son, Will, she had the opportunity to receive her Reiki II attunement from Helen ( Helen told her that Will would also receive the attunement. He is our Reiki Baby. He has been extraordinarily healthy and happy. We also think he may have been watched over by the Victorian woman we sensed. Sara and I received similar names for her–“Lilli” or “Lillian.” Will was often content to stay in his crib and vocalized happily “alone.” Supernal Friend Paula once told me he was learning many things from Lilli.

When I visited their home, I shared Will’s room. One afternoon I closed the door to have some quiet prayer and meditation time. The windows were closed; no fan whirred. I sat in the rocking chair and went through my meditation. After a while, it occurred to me to address Lilli. I said in my mind, “I don’t know if you’re here, Lilli, but if you are I would like to thank you for taking care of Will.” I felt a little silly addressing what could have just been a figment of everyone’s imaginations, but it couldn’t hurt, right?

A couple of minutes later, a piece of paper sailed off the top of the armoire and drifted down to my feet.

Hmm, I guess that was Lilli’s way of saying, “You’re welcome.”


Dana Taylor

Angel Anecdotes

When terrible events occur like the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., our faith in a loving Divine Source can get seriously shaken. I’m not going to even begin pondering the Big Questions. Instead, through the holidays I thought I would share some  Angel Anecdotes. I don’t have the Whole Picture, but I’ve had enough experiences to know we’re not alone.

My daughter, Cary, keeps her Guardian Angels on their toes. Her name means Strong Woman. She announced by age eight that she was going to be a missionary and is living out her destiny. She’s traveled to Nicaragua, India, Nepal, China, Fiji and Cambodia, with intrepid courage. Whether she’s in a small plane edging over the Himalayas or a rickety bus in Angkor Wat, her Mother is praying her through.


No mother is perfect, and neither was I, as these stories clearly reveal:

Incident #1: At 18 months old Cary was already a fearless explorer. Our Oklahoma rent house back yard had a beautiful bush with poisonous, red berries.  I’d set up a barrier around the bush to be on the safe side. Cary and I were enjoying a little sunshine. I settled on a chaise lounge; she played nearby. You know how it goes–warm sun shine, soft breeze. My eyes grew drowsy…I wasn’t asleep, but I was heading that direction when I clearly heard–SHE’S ABOUT TO EAT A BERRY.

I sat up in time to see her a few feet away reaching under the make-shift fence for one of those irresistible berries. “No!” I yelled. She sat back and blinked at me, all innocent brown eyes.

Incident #2: At three years old, Cary could paddle around a pool quite well in an inner-tube. My parents’ back yard was our second summer home with its big pool. On this particular day, my friend, Sue, and her two children joined my two girls and me for a play date and lunch. We’d finished eating and were cleaning up. The kids played under the patio. I carried dirty dishes back into the house, turning my back on Sue and the kids. Sue picked up the used napkins and turned her back from the pool for a minute to throw them in the trash can.

That’s when Cary decided it was time to get back in the pool. She picked up her inner tube and placed it over her head, not thinking to stick her arms through the hole also. I had just closed the sliding screen behind me and entered the house when I heard–SHE’S GETTING IN THE POOL.

I turned around just in time to see her head disappear under the swim ring as she walked off the bottom shallow end step. I threw the dishes down, whipped open the screen, dashed across the concrete and jumped in the water. I doubt Cary was under water more than 10 seconds.

Sue and I were horrified that we’d both diverted our attention from the children at the same time. Good thing the Angel was still on watch!

I’m not generally a clairaudient intuitive (hearing messages)–but I guess when a situation is critical enough, a non-physical entity can give a shout-out. Or maybe being a Mother gave me an extra portion of ESP. I don’t know all the forces that came into play, but I am grateful I heard the messages and averted serious consequences to my momentary lapses of attention.

Thank God the Angels are out there. I obviously need all the help I can get! More anecdotes soon…Feel free to share yours.

Enjoy your weekend and hug your kids–

Dana Taylor


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