My husband, David Taylor, died in an automobile accident last week at the age of 63. Our family believed that the healing gift of Delores Winder gave us decades together. Many people visit this particular blog. It seems fitting to re-post it, in thankful memory of David Taylor.

Supernal Living with Dana Taylor

Dana by Dana Taylor

Sometimes heaven puts someone in your path just when you desperately need them. Twenty six years ago, Delores Winder was that person for me and my family.  The summer of that year my husband, David, suffered a major heart attack at the age of 36 while we were on vacation in Colorado. Approximately a third of his heart died. In the months following the event, he experienced erratic heart beats and said he sometimes felt like he was about to leave his body. Needless to say, we were very concerned. Our daughters were only six and three. We wanted their Daddy to help them grow up.

It was also around that time that I was getting involved in healing ministry. Our minister invited Delores Winder to visit our church, tell her story, and offer her healing gifts.  She was in her fifties, a petite woman with…

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