What’s Your Erroneous Belief?

Part Three of a Series on the Akashic Records

I decided to give The Akashic Records reading a whirl. With chakras open, fully grounded, feeling that familiar buzz of connection, I went the next step and followed the directions from Ernesto Ortiz’ book The Akashic Records: Sacred Wisdom for Transformation. I repeated the designated prayer, exactly as instructed. Then I posed the suggested first question:

Question: What erroneous belief operates in my life that causes me to experience the world in the way I do?

Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen. But I lifted pen to paper and soon this answer flowed through my mind.

Answer: “Life is a struggle.” Life does not have to be a struggle. Obstacles are illusions you’ve built to confirm your belief. You’ve gotten satisfaction when you’ve overcome these “obstacles.”

Erase that notion and simply attract the good things and people into your life. No struggles. Surrender to spiritual guidance and all will be easy.

Wow, that certainly gave me pause. I realized the truth is I have embraced, “Life is a struggle.” There have been times I’ve envisioned myself running a track, leaping over hurdles. Life seemed like one hurdle after another.

Case in point, I have lately been stressing and “struggling” over purchasing a new car. In my price range, good cars are hard to find. I’ve spend too many nights pouring through Craigslist and reading Edmunds.com ratings. The couple of likely cars I found were quickly snatched up by other buyers. By the middle of last week, I was burned out and thinking I might just keep my 23 year old car until the transmission completely conked out.

Then, I had a spiritual wake-up call. The Supernal Friends and I got together for a prayer session. Encouraging words flowed that the “right fit” was being sought for me by spiritual helpers. I envisioned the perfect car being delivered to my home and Old Faithful being driven away.

Saturday evening on Craigslist I saw the loveliest Maxima located about half an hour from my house. First thing Sunday morning I called and woke up Omar, the owner. We arranged to meet at a shopping center near his home. My best pal, Sue, and I made fast friends with Omar and by 2pm the deal was sealed. What’s more, Omar decided he wanted to see Old Faithful. Consequently, just as I had envisioned, he delivered the darling Maxima and took the elderly, much-in-need of repairs Old Faithful out of my life.

Easy. No struggle. Definitely an object lesson from the powers that be.

Seeking guidance from the Akashic Records is another step in spiritual development towards leading what Jesus called the “Abundant Life.”

2 comments on “What’s Your Erroneous Belief?

  1. I admire the hostney and transparency in this post, Caroline. Sharing with others often helps all of us on our own journeys, knowing we aren’t alone. One of my favorite sayings is “Receive what you are given.” By accepting what we are given, we no longer struggle against them. We see what we’ve been given and then can see a clearer path to dealing with them. For instance, when I had cancer or when I’ve been unemployed, I didn’t raise my fists to the skies and rant and rave against the injustice of “why me?” I accepted that these things happened and then made a plan to deal with them. Receiving and accepting saves me a lot of grief. I tend to be a bit of a lone wolf, too, especially since I’m a solo dweller. When I broke my ankle a couple of years ago, the hardest part was in learning to accept help from others. I didn’t want to trouble anyone, but I found that there’s a great grace and humility in accepting what others offer. I am happy you are feeling hopeful again. Thank you again for sharing your journey with such grace and beauty. Namaste.

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