Follow Your Intuition–Or Suffer the Consequences

1780761_10153136639645917_6528801728490333912_nToday on Facebook someone asked “how did following your intuition give you something amazing?” I had a few stories to share. Truth is, I have so many, you’d doubt my sanity. (Oh wait, you already do.) Nowadays I make most decisions by following intuition before logic. More right brain than left brain. Generally, I try to get both sides in agreement. I lead with the right side for everything from finding prime parking spots to my recent location of an apartment in Hawaii. I’ve learned the hard way that ignoring my intuition gets me into trouble. For instance: th copyDon’t eat that! Several years ago at a church potluck I hesitated scooping someone’s crab salad onto my plate. “Something” told me not to eat it. Why not? It looked perfectly delicious. And it was very tasty. The next morning I awakened with hives under my arms. What’s this?, I thought. The crab salad. I itched and felt generally lousy for the next five days as the rash spread slowly up and down my body. Shellfish and I evidently do not get along. I tried a little clam chowder a few years back and broke out across my chest. Sorry, Red Lobster, I’m heading to Chili’s. th-1Don’t go! My once-a-month writing club was meeting. I didn’t want to miss it. Yet, I kept sensing I should not go. My right brain and left brain had quite the argument. Left brain produced a compelling list of good reasons to go–educational, networking, good weather, getting out of the house! Right brain could say nothing more than don’t go. So, I went. Or at least, tried. As I was zipping down the freeway, a chunk of concrete smashed into my back tire. It completely shredded. I sat on the side of the road and watched a tow truck drive the car off to a shop. My daughter picked me up. After the tire was replaced, my stubborn left brain insisted on trying to get into the meeting an hour late. I sped to the office complex only to discover the building was locked. I banged on the doors and could not get in. I have no idea what went on at that meeting, but, clearly it was not in my best interest to be there.

Supernal Lesson: following intuition taps into a broader information stream than the logical left brain possesses. Learn to listen to your intuition. It makes life a lot easier.

Blessings! Dana Taylor Tapping400Visit my Books and Bio Page

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