Reiki via Skype. Does it work?

th[8]Energy healing is an ongoing theme in my life. It’s part of what I do, who I am, but I have no professional aspirations in that regard. Yet, Spirit nudges me forward. Sometimes it shoves me. A couple of years ago I suddenly had strangers coming over to my house for Reiki treatments, all started by a casual conversation with a new friend.

I was reluctant to charge money for fear absolutely nothing would happen. Much to my amazement Healing Happened. Each session was different. Energy flowed for physical, emotional, and even past life healings. At the very least, my clients enjoyed a quiet, refreshing session to realign their energetic pathways. My confidence as an energy worker grew.  Now, I’ve moved to another state where I know practically no one. I still pray and send energy everyday, but at the moment, I have no local clients, which is fine.  Spirit has nudged again. This time into the realm of working “non-local.” In the last two weeks, I have had two sessions via Skype for Reiki I attunements. (See my post on Attunements for more information about them.) Reiki_SymbolOnce again, I had my doubts. It’s one thing to work on a client under my hands and feel their energy auric field. Could we do such a thing simply seeing each other on a computer screen. Could I pass on the Reiki frequencies? Seemed like a worthy Supernal Adventure, so we gave it a go. We started out the sessions with discussion and meditations. I felt myself head into the “zone” of flowing energy. Then I performed the attunements, visualizing the sacred symbols, and moving my hands as if the students were seated before me. Did it “work?” Attunements are difficult to gauge. I haven’t heard back from the first person, who is dealing with serious health issues. The second person is exploring her own healing capabilities. Here is what she reported the day after the attunement.

Whatever it was, I do believe it worked!
I did Reiki on my husband last night and felt much more energy in my hands. It was almost distracting! I had my hands over his eyes (not touching) and kept thinking I was bumping his nose, but when I looked down, my hands weren’t touching any part of his face, but the energy made me think I was. I didn’t get much feedback from him because he fell asleep, almost instantly. At one point, when I was over his heart chakra, he took a huge breath, after breathing steadily during the session.
I felt a lot of white light energy coming in to me to the point that, my crown started prickling and I had the urge to reach up and scratch it. Glad I didn’t because it then started spinning like a propeller! I’ve never experienced anything like that.
I did Reiki on my dog this morning and also felt much more vibration. I had my right hand on her leg where she has a fatty tumor, but my left hand was vibrating so much, I ended up putting that one on her neck.
So, I do believe the attunement was very successful! 
The traditional idea of praying has always tapped into “nonlocal,” but our knowledge of quantum realities is expanding. As people develop their abilities to tap into the higher frequencies, they will change the world. (Hopefully in a good way!)
This adventure of exploring multidimensional living goes on and on.
Have a great day!

Follow Your Intuition–Or Suffer the Consequences

1780761_10153136639645917_6528801728490333912_nToday on Facebook someone asked “how did following your intuition give you something amazing?” I had a few stories to share. Truth is, I have so many, you’d doubt my sanity. (Oh wait, you already do.) Nowadays I make most decisions by following intuition before logic. More right brain than left brain. Generally, I try to get both sides in agreement. I lead with the right side for everything from finding prime parking spots to my recent location of an apartment in Hawaii. I’ve learned the hard way that ignoring my intuition gets me into trouble. For instance: th copyDon’t eat that! Several years ago at a church potluck I hesitated scooping someone’s crab salad onto my plate. “Something” told me not to eat it. Why not? It looked perfectly delicious. And it was very tasty. The next morning I awakened with hives under my arms. What’s this?, I thought. The crab salad. I itched and felt generally lousy for the next five days as the rash spread slowly up and down my body. Shellfish and I evidently do not get along. I tried a little clam chowder a few years back and broke out across my chest. Sorry, Red Lobster, I’m heading to Chili’s. th-1Don’t go! My once-a-month writing club was meeting. I didn’t want to miss it. Yet, I kept sensing I should not go. My right brain and left brain had quite the argument. Left brain produced a compelling list of good reasons to go–educational, networking, good weather, getting out of the house! Right brain could say nothing more than don’t go. So, I went. Or at least, tried. As I was zipping down the freeway, a chunk of concrete smashed into my back tire. It completely shredded. I sat on the side of the road and watched a tow truck drive the car off to a shop. My daughter picked me up. After the tire was replaced, my stubborn left brain insisted on trying to get into the meeting an hour late. I sped to the office complex only to discover the building was locked. I banged on the doors and could not get in. I have no idea what went on at that meeting, but, clearly it was not in my best interest to be there.

Supernal Lesson: following intuition taps into a broader information stream than the logical left brain possesses. Learn to listen to your intuition. It makes life a lot easier.

Blessings! Dana Taylor Tapping400Visit my Books and Bio Page

Supernal Living: Part Two

 Most of us center our awareness of life in our head—what we see, what we hear, taste, smell and mostly—think. Our thoughts chatter and clutter. With the advent of texting and countless digital devices, we can draw further into the mind and lose touch with everything going on around us. We also miss the other centers of personal awareness and exhaust ourselves in the process. I first became aware of sensing the world through other centers when I began praying for people in church settings. My hands grew in sensitivity to changes of the electromagnetic fields surrounding the person I was praying with. Taking it a step further after I received energy worker attunements, my hands turned into little Geiger Counters. They literally buzz as I move over an area that requires healing energy. I can feel the strands of energy lengthen and stretch, as if I’m untying energy knots.

 As I began studying quantum physics and vibrational medicine, I read about the “subtle body”—the energetic body. We are all an intricate highway system of energy paths in and around our physical body. Through meditation, I learned how to sense them. According to Eastern medicine there are seven basic energy centers running from the groin to the head. While many of us are oblivious to most of these energy centers, the sexual center of awareness is the one almost everyone past the age of ten can identify. Have you ever thought about the dynamics of sexual attraction? Physical responses follow the initial awareness as that energy center is opened and literally engulfs the whole person. Sometimes that center is so powerful it overrules all common sense or society rules.

 If you move up the body to the stomach, you’ll find another energy center. Ever had a “gut reaction”–a sudden awareness that something is either very wrong or very right? Good detectives are known for “following their gut.” It’s an intuitive center hovering around the belly that plays an important role in daily decisions. I’ve found when my mind is confused over an issue, I do better to relax and open that lower energy center. When the belly and mind find peace, I’ve usually made my decision.

 Traveling to the chest is, of course, the heart. Love songs, spiritual traditions, pledging by “crossing our heart” all acknowledge the importance of the heart energy center. For most of my life, the concept of “opening your heart” was theoretical. Certainly, I experienced love, but I didn’t feel it in my chest. Anxiety was the best description of any awareness in my chest. Then a series of emotional circumstances and a few more attunements triggered the opening of my heart center. Like a rusty door on creaky hinges, the opening was jerky. Physically, it was painful, like walking around with an open wound. Many buried emotional issues came to light and required attention and healing. Now, several years down the road, I can enjoy the expansion of my heart center. Awareness of the world through the heart can be beautiful. Nature sings and paints. Empathy and compassion from the heart make other people more human and less threatening. Living with your heart awareness on alert enriches daily living beyond measure—from enjoying the smile of a child to relishing sunset at day’s end.

 I encourage you to give your head a rest and discover your other awareness centers. Discover Supernal Living.