Energy Medicine From The Stars Revealed

Danaheadshot Book Review by Dana Taylor

Okay, Spiritual Adventurers, hang onto your seats. My next posts will be “out of this world.” It’s tricky to share about subjects like channelling or ET encounters and maintain any kind of credibility. Yet, I’ve lately run into some information that touches those realms and I believe is worth sharing. I’m simply passing it along and you can decide whether it resonates as something of value for you.

91UTy-s2QGL._SL1500_Today I want to tell you about E.D.I.N.A: Energy Medicine from the Stars! Shamanism for the 21st Century and Beyond by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA.

I‘ve crossed cyber paths with Lois quite often in the past couple of years. I’ve reviewed her books on Akashic Records here (fascinating!). She is the founder of the TISBA Awards (The Indie Spiritual Book Awards). We’ve spoken on the phone. I am always impressed by her wisdom, humility, and courage to reveal her experiences to the world. She mentioned in passing that EDINA is her best seller and I finally had time to read it on a plane ride across the country.

In writing about EDINA and making it freely available to anyone in the world, Lois again displays an amazing generosity. We appear to be crossing into an age when communication between realms is becoming more common. Lois is an example of someone with beyond-the-usual abilities to communicate with other entities. In the case of her EDINA experience, in 1998 while working with Reiki energy, she realized other multidimensional Light Beings were present. They were tall and blue-grey. Over the course of time they would be identified as The Ankenash, who have their origins from the planet Sirius B. Working with Lois over the course of many years, they have established an energy healing system. Lois is the voice of The Ankenash in these incipient years of development.

Lois J. Wetzel

Lois J. Wetzel

EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars offers the background of Lois’ involvement and then the fundamentals of using the technique. While this probably sounds quite strange to many, as an energy healer and praying person like myself, the presence of multi-dimensional beings and working with them is a way of life. In Christian circles, we comfortably call upon Jesus, angels, and the Holy Spirit.

Thousands of Reiki practitioners are working across the globe, often in hospitals. And what is Reiki energy, but a transmission from another dimension? Usui Sensei received the Reiki energy and symbols while on a spiritual mountain retreat. They are passed on through a series of attunements and symbols.

EDINA is similar. Lois provides step by step instructions for accessing the EDINA energy and working with the Ankenash, provides links to the sacred geometric symbols, and has even recorded a meditation to center the student for the initiation process.

Update August 2015: Listen to Lois Wetzel speak about E.D.I.N.A in this radio interview on the Bob Charles Show on the Pyramid Radio Network

This resonated with me for a couple of reasons. First, the identification of the “tall blue-grey Light Beings.” For several years I have sensed the presence of a similar being during healing sessions. I just thought of it as my Blue Angel. But, it sure bears a striking resemblance to Lois’ descriptions of the Ankenash. Secondly, I’ve received impressions that I would be working with sacred geometry. When I downloaded the initiation  symbols, they intrigued me. Were these what I have been waiting for?

My Supernal Friend, Sue, joined me in this adventure. As “luck” would have it, I was staying at her house and we could initiate each other. We printed out the symbols and taped them up around the room. We followed the instructions, which were very similar to Reiki attunements. The symbols fascinate me. Though drawn on simple graph paper with pencil, they can appear to move and gain dimension when stared at for a few minutes. I’m sure an artist rendering could really make them striking.

What happened after the initiations? Any ET encounters? No. However, the common physical after effects of an attunement were definitely felt. Cleansing and fatigue for a couple of days as our bodies adjusted to the new vibrations. I haven’t been working with clients lately, since I just moved to a new state. Time will tell if there are enhanced effects in the healing sessions. My long distance healing sessions seem to be more focused, informative and powerful.

EDINA is in its early stages. The core group of healers are being developed. Lois is doing her best to impart information and develop a system that is viable for practitioners across the globe.

As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. For some, it may start with purchasing a copy of E.D.I.N.A: Energy Healing from the Stars!

Visit Edina Healing for more information.

And that is our Supernal Adventure for the day….


Dana Taylor


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The Gift of Cancer experienced by Anita Moorjani

Reiki has gained national acceptance largely through the endorsement of many hospitals recommending energy treatments for cancer patients. Being infused with healing energy helps counteract the detrimental affects of standard medical treatments. Lately, my therapy table has been all too busy with friends and clients dealing with cancer issues. The good news is  many are moving beyond the shock of a cancer diagnosis to  pro-active holistic steps to improve health through mind, body, and spirit transformation.

I was loaned a copy of DYING TO BE ME by Anita Moorjani this week and I highly recommend it for anyone, not just people dealing with cancer.

Moorjani has been to hell and heaven and back. A four year battle with lymphoma finally led to a coma and near death experience (NDE) on February 2, 2006. However, that was anything but “the end.” In fact it was just the beginning. Moorjani experienced an expansion of consciousness in her comatose state. She connected with doctors, nurses, family, spirits, and the cosmos. She moved beyond linear time. From the spirit world she met her father and best friend who guided her and counseled her to return to the earth plane and bring her body back to life. Her work was not finished.

Moorjani’s healing was as amazing as Eben Alexander’s PROOF OF HEAVEN tale. While both books amaze and encourage, Moorjani’s book carries a much more passionate message about life itself. She had been an average woman, raised in cross-cultures of Hong Kong, molded by the fears and insecurities common in the human experience. Her return from the brink of death not only transformed her body, but her complete understanding of what life is all about. She was told to go back and “live fearlessly.”

Don’t wait to get cancer to embrace her message. Pick up a copy of DYING TO BE ME by Anita Moorjani and be inspired to live life to the fullest.

Hear Anita Moorjani tell her story in this TED Talk




Book Launch–12 Weeks to Self-Healing

Today November 5th is the official book launch of 12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain Through Healing Energy by Dr. Candess M. Campbell, PhD.


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Coo-Coo for Coconuts

A few weeks ago during my meditation hour I asked, “Is there anything I should be adding to my life?”

The answer came quickly, “Coconuts.”

Interesting. You know how it goes, suddenly coconuts were everywhere. I walked into Sprouts and couldn’t miss hundreds of cans of coconut water. Did you know coconut water is so close to human blood plasma, that it is administered intravenously in emergency situations  to save lives? It’s a great pick-me-up with electrolytes and potassium. I stocked up and use it as the base of my shakes.

Next, I went for a massage and energy treatment from the wonderful Dale Arend, aka Dahlia, (author of  Follow the River) and she slathered me from head to toe in coconut oil.

Finally, a book on the benefits of coconut oil popped up in my email. Coconut Oil: Miraculous Benefits for a Healthier, Skinnier, and More Beautiful You  by Amber Cavill extols coconut oil in all its glory. While it used to get a bad rap as a heart clogging menace, those fears have been disproven. In fact, coconut oil may actually lower cholesterol levels. It improves thyroid function and can reduce belly fat. See Dr. Oz’s article on the benefits of coconut oil here.

Cavill’s book covers the range of ways coconut oil can be incorporated into a healthy life style. Use it for cooking, skin care and even your sex life!

Here are a few items from the list of 100 uses for coconut oil at the back of the book:

  • Substitute for other cooking oils
  • Use in salad dressing
  • Natural antibacterial skin cream
  • Use as a diaper and baby cream
  • Use a natural sunscreen (SPF4)
  • Condition damaged hair

Order Coconut Oil: Miraculous Benefits for a Healthier, Skinnier, and More Beautiful You  and discover for yourself all the joys of coconut oil. Personally, I love it as a chemical-free skin cream. Look for an organic version in your grocery store with the baked good items.

I’m definitely coo-coo for coconuts!

Tapping into the power of Crystal Grids

Funny how Spirit leads the way. A couple of weeks ago I got message, “we will teach you about sacred geometry” (See post on Sacred Geometry). Since then, books and sites have come my way that didn’t seem to be about scared geometry and yet, they’ve held lessons about the power of geometric shapes in the universe.

One such book is Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work by an author with the creative name of Hibiscus Moon. I’ve been following the Hibiscus Moon website for a while. She deals with crystals and stones in a myriad of ways. Her breezy style hides a geeky science teacher under the surface. I’ll bet she was a fabulous class room teacher. Now, the world is her student as she teaches through the Internet.

Crystal Grids goes beyond most books about stones that simply tell about their supposed healing properties. This book goes into the science supporting the idea of energy in stones and the power of geometry throughout creation. Sacred geometry goes back to the Greek, Plato. He credits information from the lost continent of Atlantis for the five basic geometric patterns now called the Platonic Solids. These shapes can be found throughout nature and down to the smallest molecules.

Crystals are formed in breathing taking geometric formations. According to Crystal Grids, placing them in geometric patterns can create an energy field. Using stones in this manner is not new. Indeed, it’s easy to see how people of the past were accused of being wizards and witches for employing what will probably be understood in scientific terms for energy transference in the not-so-distant future.

If you’re interested in the emerging field of energy healing and vibrational medicine, Crystal Grids is a fascinating introduction to working with the medium of crystals and stones.

For more information visit the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy