Visionary Artist Paints the Impossible

a film review by Dana Taylor

The amazing spiritual artist, Akiane Kramarik, recently uploaded a fascinating 24 minute biographical documentary to YouTube. Since the age of eight, Akiane has been an international sensation. The biopic, Painting the Impossible, is narrated by 23-year-old Akiane and features footage taken over the course of her lifetime. The film begins “The day Akiane was born, someone left a gift on the doorstep ~ an old film camera.”

Prince of Peace by Akiane Kramarik

To say her story is unusual is putting it mildly. Akiane’s loving, but unconventional family, experienced extreme deprivation in her early years. At the age of four, she began having visions that she felt compelled to paint. Poetry would soon follow.

As with most great artists, Akiane suffers from a great deal of angst. She is driven by internal forces that at once inspire but also haunt her. The narration feels a bit over-the-top at times with self-indulgent drama. Yet, Akiane’s spectacular work cannot be denied.

My Sight Cannot Wait



From an esoteric viewpoint, she appears to be one of the much heralded Star Children. There was even an incident at the age of six when she “disappeared” one day into another dimension and spontaneously reappeared many hours later. The “missing hours” gave her profound information and instructions to bring back to the earthy plane. Hear her relate her experience in this YouTube Interview.

If you’re looking for an inspirational time-out, watch Painting The Impossible. Also visit Akiane’s website and view the stunning gallery of her work.


Heavenly Hollywood


Heaven Is For Real I’m happy to report Hollywood has decided “God sells” this year and so major studios have invested in a few faith-based stories. Tucked among the superheroes, catastrophes and the latest horror flicks this weekend, you can go and see the film adaptation of the surprise bestseller, Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo. Sony Pictures brought together an A-list cast, beginning with Greg Kinnear, as the small town Nebraska preacher, Todd Burpo. The Burpo family are real people, making ends meets in a tough economy. When their son, Colton, was four years old he nearly died from a burst appendix. While his body lay listless on the operating table, his spirit took a little spin around the hospital and then into the heavenly dimension. His startling recollections after his recovery rock his parents’ world. The movie does a good job of taking an incident and building a decent storyline around it. The always likeable Kinnear carries the film portraying a pastor faced with doubts about his own faith system.

From my point of view, the revelations are quite tame. When your circle of friends are spirit communicators, animal psychics, healers, and mystics, a little boy with an NDE is no big deal. Still, it was pleasing to see a movie dealing with faith issues and presenting a Christian preacher as someone of integrity, rather than a flim-flam man. It was also gratifying to see a well-attended house and hear the audience laugh at the right places. Applause broke out the end. I can’t remember that last movie I saw when that happened.

 Watch the Heaven is For Real Trailer


For my money, the really fascinating story that needs to be told is only touched upon in Heaven is for Real–the story of the amazing Akiane Kramarik. The movie begins with a girl painting a picture. During the course of the movie, Colton is asked to describe Jesus, but can’t find the words. The movie ends with him identifying the now-famous Prince of Peace painted by Akiane at the age of eight as the real deal.

Years ago I had a life-changing “dream” with Jesus visiting my bedside, holding my hand, and talking to me. His face was clear and his blue/green eyes so compelling. The experience is recalled in Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy. Like Colton Burpo, I stared in stunned amazement at my computer screen last year seeing the likeness Akiane painted. It is the Jesus of my “dream.”

prince of peace Prince of Peace by Akiane

Go and enjoy Heaven is For Real at the theatres. Your dollars will encourage Hollywood to keep making spirit movies.

And for a real treat watch some YouTube Videos of Akiane KramarikAkiane