Children Recalling Past Lives

Past-Life Memories: Part One

Past-life recollection appears to be on the rise in the West. Soul Survivor by Bruce and Andrea Leininger of Layfette, Louisiana details the story of their son, James, who at two years old began recalling being shot down in an airplane during World War II. Texas-born Bruce Leininger did not consider reincarnation a valid worldview and set out to find another explanation for the details his young son supplied about the life of a World War II pilot named James M. Huston, Jr. As a mother, Andrea Leininger found herself in uncharted territory, trying to help her child deal with the recall of a former life and yet forge a new life in a new time.

Bruce Leininger’s research to debunk the mystery, ultimately provides a compelling argument for reincarnation being the most logical explanation for his son’s behavior. The father goes from hostile skeptic to believer. Their family journey is fascinating and a good blue print for parents of children beginning to deal with similar situations.

Product DetailsCarol Bowman’s book, Children’s Past Lives, began with the memories of her son, Chase, and the horrors of the Civil War. In an effort to help her son, Carol embarked on a spiritual discovery that led to a life’s work. Carol Bowman helps parents confronted with children remembering past lives often ended in trauma. This book will challenge your world view.

TODAY Show Feature–March 16, 2015

Was he remembering a life from the early days of Hollywood? Cynthia McFadden features 10-year-old Ryan from the Midwest who began speaking of another life when he was five years old. Once he recognized “his” face from an old movie still, his family and past life researchers from the University of Virginia began checking into the facts he could remember. See the interview here:

Today Show Story of Ryan’s Past Life



Tapping400My spiritual memoir, Ever-Flowing Streams, follows the thread of my discovery of a past-life connection that affected the quality of my life for over fifty years. Coming to terms with past-life traumas and connections can be the key to unlocking personal mysteries. This is the first in a series of blogs on past-life connection. I hope you find them intriguing and enlightening.

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Akashic Records:Case Studies of Past Lives by Lois Wetzel

Dana Review by Dana Taylor

The reason I’ve been posting about Akashic Records Readings is because learning about a past-life tie and the subsequent difficulties that resulted from that connection in my personal life was a major event. It took me over fifty years to put the pieces of my personal puzzle together, as is chronicled in Ever-Flowing Streams. It’s my hope that some people who are also dealing with mysterious phobias or afflictions that are linked to a past life occurence may be able to shorten the learning curve and move on to a better life.

My bouts of swollen glands, anxiety, and insomnia have all dissipated since my initial Reiki treatment in 2005. It took about three years to unravel the layers of connections, but my health and well-being are vastly improved over my previous four decades of life, largely due to understanding my soul’s long journey.

Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past LivesI recently came across a book by therapist Lois Wetzel entitled Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives. I highly recommend investing $2.99 to read this fascinating compilation of case studies. Wetzel does an excellent job of explaining Akashic Records and the value they hold in helping people heal, break negative patterns, and understand puzzling relationships. Some of the stories are hard to grasp because they feel like a tale of science fiction. But, certainly modern living would seem completely unbelievable to people living only a few decades ago.

Written in a straightforward manner, the book gives example after example of past lives and how they affect modern people. Wetzel’s method of downloading particular lives as revealed by the Records Guardians is very interesting and somewhat different from the method I have experienced. Whereas the Record Readers I have visited have answered specific questions, Wetzel’s clients come in with an overall area they want information about. She then opens her mind up to viewing their past lives as if she is watching a movie.

I found myself looking at life with a broader perspective and a new understanding of karmic ties and cycles.

If you have an interest in past life therapy, read Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives by Lois Wetzel.

Lois WetzelYou can find Lois Wetzel on the web at










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Soul Families

Soul families. An interesting concept. Through years of metaphysical reading, the idea pops up time and again. Not only are we eternal souls having a human experience (that old saw); we are part of soul families who often incarnate together. There are certain people you meet and feel you have known them forever, and, well—you have.

Think about it—aren’t there a few people in your life with whom you share a special bond? No matter how much times goes by between visits, you are comfortable together and intimate conversation is effortless. Maybe you had a some-enchanted-evening sort of meeting where you instantly recognized them across a crowded room. And I’m not talking necessarily about a romantic connection.

One such person in my life is Thom. Our mothers worked together at General Motors years before we were born. We met in the third grade. I have a clear memory of him pushing a spelling test in my direction to help me with the word “since.”

 In high school we had many classes together and happily became Drama Freaks. One show after another. White shoe polish in our hair playing old people. Me in a buck skin shirt dressed as Calamity Jane singing duets with his Wild Bill Hickok. Private jokes. We bought season tickets to the best shows in Los Angeles and saw Angela Lansbury, Katherine Hepburn, Debbie Reynolds, Lauren Bacall, Liza Minelli—live! Romance was never in the cards, so we didn’t have to break each other’s hearts as a rite of passage. We were just the best of friends.

After high school we went our separate ways, but always kept in touch. He became a flight attendant. I ended up in Oklahoma, married, and raised my family for thirty years. Somewhere in the early 80’s, we lost touch. The faithful birthday and Christmas cards from him stopped. My cards were returned addressee unknown. Life was busy, but as time went by, I became convinced Thom must have perished in the AIDS epidemic. Other friends hadn’t heard from him either and had drawn the same conclusion. The thought of Thom enduring the stages of AIDS made me exceedingly sad, but I tucked Thom into the recesses of bygone days.

Except in my dreams. Over the course of the next twenty-five years I had recurring Thom Dreams. They were always different, yet similar. I would suddenly be in a room and see Thom. Usually he was unfolding clothes from a suitcase.

I’d walk up to him, over-joyed and then highly irritated. “You’re alive! Where have you been? Why haven’t I heard from you? We all thought you were dead!”

He never replied. Usually he stood still, maybe a bit puzzled, and totally ignored me. One especially vivid dream featured a bank of windows looking out over the night line of a big city, fully lit and breathtaking. The room had two beds.

Years went by between dreams, but they always startled me out of my sleep and were unusually memorable.

Fast forward to December 2006. By then, I had met Helen, my Reiki therapist, seen Paula healed from an incurable disease, been attuned, anointed and what have you. The Supernal Adventures were well under way. (See EVER-FLOWING STREAMS).

Helen is also a certified Akashic Records reader (that’s a story for another day). Sue had an appointment to have her records read. The day before the appointment, I had another Thom Dream. This time he was in a living room with white couches and potted plants tastefully lining the walls. I went into the same rant—“We thought you were dead! Why haven’t I heard from you?”

I called Sue. “Listen, when you talk to Helen, ask her if Thom is dead or alive. This is driving me crazy!”

So Sue asked. Helen said, “I am sensing his energy and it isn’t the type of someone who has passed over. I think he’s still alive. But, he’s been far away.”

What??? We were so positive he was dead. Well, it took less than five minutes and a Google search to find him. We were both once again living in the LA area.

Through phone calls, Facebook, and emails we’ve been in contact, but life has been busy. Finally, last weekend we had a real reunion doing our favorite thing—going to the theater.

We talked and talked. Catching up, yet feeling that special no-time-has-passed connection.

Thom is part of my soul family. Those dreams? Perhaps astral projection to some hotel room where Thom was between flights?  Maybe. That’s fodder for another blog.

All I know is–once he was lost, but now he is found. Soul families? I am a believer.