Ode to Epsom Salts

Dana Health Tip from Dana Taylor

My favorite home remedy is Epsom Salts. In this day and age of expensive drugs, many people have lost the knowledge of age-old, cost-effective remedies. Epsom salts are granules of magnesium sulfate, available in every grocery and drug store in America. Named after the town of Epsom, England, the salts provide a range of relief and health benefits. My favorites:

1. Epsom salt baths–Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I immediately pour a cup of epsom salts and some essential oils in the tub and enjoy a good soak. There is an energetic frequency to the salts and oils that stimulates the immune system. Energy healers believe that epsom salts clear away negative energy. In my mothering days, I placed my children in epsom baths at the first sign of a sniffle and sore throat. Get on the offensive early when a virus strikes and you’ll avoid a full-blown illness.

Epsom salts are also anti-inflammatory and relieve sprains, arthritis, and other painful conditions.

Side benefit: baby-soft skin. Epsom salts are a natural exfoliant. You’ll feel like a new you!

2. Natural laxative. Drinking a dose of salts is part of an annual health regime in England. The salts draw moisture into the bowels for a beneficial cleanse. Don’t worry–they don’t taste too bad. More like mineral water than sea water. A teaspoon or less in a cup of water can give you a whole new lease on life.

3. Anti-fungal. Take on athlete’s foot and yeast infections with epsom salt soaks. Adding some essential oils, such as Melaleuca, will add an extra punch to get rid of that annoying itch. For feminine complaints, soak in a bathtub to seek relief.

4. Fertilize your plants. Don’t throw your epsom salt solution down the drain, pour it on your plants. They will love the mineral-rich liquid and thank you with beautiful flowers and vegetables.

5. Gout–Relieve the excruciating joint swelling by soaking the sore foot in a cool Epsom salt bath.

So that’s my Supernal Health Tip of the Day. Discover the power of epsom salts–soak in a relaxing bath tonight!

Dana Taylor


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8 comments on “Ode to Epsom Salts

  1. oh YES! Epsom Salts stimulate bud formation on all roses. Twice yearly, strip all the leaves off, dig in a cup or two of epsom salts and your roses will be the envy of the neighborhood. *** Be sure to buy the unscented epsom salts for all the uses.

  2. Dana, what a fun, informative subject. I’ve often wondered about this homeopathic remedy (along with castor oil, LOL). I’m definitely going to try the tub soak option for my aches & pains!

    Sign me, another Pam…

    • Hi Pam! So great to see you pop up here. I assume you are still writing away. We need to cross paths again!

      Take care and enjoy a great epsom salt bath!

  3. I totally dig Epsom salt baths. Most of us are magnesium deficient and soaking in an Epsom salt bath can help us take in that needed element. I’ve read that it actually absorbs better through the skin that ingesting it. Not sure whether it is true but who cares? I love my baths! I switch back and forth between Epsom salt and sea salt baths. Sea salts help draw out toxins too! Sometimes these old remedies are the best remedies. Thanks for reminding me of the benefits. I know what I want to do tonight!

  4. Hi Dana,

    I’m so happy to find your blog (via my friend, Dave Bennet, author of Voyage of Purpose). It’s wonderful! Thank you for all you share.

    I shared this on my FB page, or at least that’s what I hope I did—I haven’t quite gotten the hang of this social media thing. I tell young folks that they are naturally proficient w/ tech/cyber functions because they came through the stars at the right time: when I came through, the ball-point pen was the latest technology for communication.

    So, thank you for a great summary of the benefits of Epsom Salts. We have used it in our family for generations. My Great-grandmother was a healer in a time when it could be a life-threatening thing (burning witches, stocks in the town square, & all that kind of thing). Even when I was a small child, the family spoke of her talents very discretely and some of them even speculated whether her knowledge & abilities came from Satan. So when I had my near death experience and other transformative experiences, you can bet I didn’t share with anyone at that time. Now, the climate has changed and I speak & write openly. Isn’t progression wonderful?
    Thank you for being a part of the Awakening.
    Bonni J Burrows
    Author: Death? —It’s a Journey to Life!

    • Hi Bonni–
      Thanks for your comments. We are living in amazing times, aren’t we? When my daughter was a snarly teenager she once said, “If this was 200 years ago, you’d be burned as a witch.” Now she asks me for treatments and natural remedies. Breaking old paradigms isn’t really that painful!

      Take care–

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