Christmas Wishes from Jan Hunneybell




Thanks to Australian author, Jan Hunneybell, for sharing this lovely Christmas poem. Her fascinating book of singer John Denver’s spirit communication, Things That I Believe In, is available in the Kindle store. You don’t want to miss it! John Denver was surely someone who expressed the spirit of Christmas in his songs and life mission.


christmasIf I could have a wish for Christmas, this is what I’d choose;
A day of peace and joy for all; no fight, no win or lose,
Just sweet content, acceptance and a star to light our way;
For lasting peace to fill each heart every night and day.

If I could have a wish for Christmas, just what would it be?
That love was wrapped within each present underneath the tree;
Not competition, whose is best, who spent the most on theirs,
But joyful giving, care, concern and boxes full of prayers.

If I could have a wish for Christmas, for what would I ask?
Flashy, fancy trinkets? Gadgets for each task?
No; I’d ask for cruelty to end and war to cease.
I’d ask for understanding and a way to perfect peace.

If I could have a wish for Christmas underneath the sun,
I’d ask for everyone to understand that we’re all one,
That every hurt we do to others we do to ourselves,
And painful hurts can’t be undone by presents on the shelves.

forgiveIf I could have a wish for Christmas hoping all would hear,
I’d ask for kind and loving ways to last all through the year,
For all to know that how you treat each other matters more
Than mistletoe and Christmas trees or wreaths upon the door.

If I could have a wish for Christmas I would wish for you
That happiness, content and kindness bless you all year through,
That true forgiveness fills your heart, releasing you from pain,
And freed from all resentment, you feel joyful once again.

If I could have a wish for Christmas and the year that’s new,
I know the greatest gift I’d choose to have and give to you.
I’d gift you with true peace of mind and free your troubled heart,
Then, cleared of negativity, a shiny bright new start.

If I could have a wish for Christmas, I would heal the Earth;
The lands, the seas, the hills and trees would undergo rebirth,
And people would all see each other from a different view,
With love and light, a wondrous sight, and start to live anew.


©Jan Hunneybell, 1 Dec 2003

Image of Janice HunneybellJanice Hunneybell is an inspirational spiritual writer. Her books, ‘Things That I Believe In’ and ‘All You Need Is Love’, are channeled spiritual communication from John Denver, who shares his views and philosophy of life and meaning. ‘Things That I Believe In’ was first published in 2008 and is now a kindle e-book. It has been popular with people who want to understand more about life and spirituality. It is easily read but informative and has brought great comfort to people dealing with grief and loss. ‘All You Need Is Love’ was published as an e-book in January 2014. A paperback edition is planned later in 2014 along with collections of her poetry, talks, songs and essays. After a career in administration, Janice chose to follow a path of spirituality, writing, healing (Reiki Master), channeling/mediumship and teaching, giving talks and facilitating workshops on spiritual development and inspirational writing. Born in London, England, Janice now lives in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, Australia with her husband Gordon and a slightly deranged but very sweet cat. An indulgent mother and grandmother to two adult children and four grandchildren, she also seems to have been adopted by a variety of local wildlife including possums, magpies and kookaburras…

Visit the Janice Hunneybell Page at



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