Angel Anecdotes

When terrible events occur like the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., our faith in a loving Divine Source can get seriously shaken. I’m not going to even begin pondering the Big Questions. Instead, through the holidays I thought I would share some  Angel Anecdotes. I don’t have the Whole Picture, but I’ve had enough experiences to know we’re not alone.

My daughter, Cary, keeps her Guardian Angels on their toes. Her name means Strong Woman. She announced by age eight that she was going to be a missionary and is living out her destiny. She’s traveled to Nicaragua, India, Nepal, China, Fiji and Cambodia, with intrepid courage. Whether she’s in a small plane edging over the Himalayas or a rickety bus in Angkor Wat, her Mother is praying her through.


No mother is perfect, and neither was I, as these stories clearly reveal:

Incident #1: At 18 months old Cary was already a fearless explorer. Our Oklahoma rent house back yard had a beautiful bush with poisonous, red berries.  I’d set up a barrier around the bush to be on the safe side. Cary and I were enjoying a little sunshine. I settled on a chaise lounge; she played nearby. You know how it goes–warm sun shine, soft breeze. My eyes grew drowsy…I wasn’t asleep, but I was heading that direction when I clearly heard–SHE’S ABOUT TO EAT A BERRY.

I sat up in time to see her a few feet away reaching under the make-shift fence for one of those irresistible berries. “No!” I yelled. She sat back and blinked at me, all innocent brown eyes.

Incident #2: At three years old, Cary could paddle around a pool quite well in an inner-tube. My parents’ back yard was our second summer home with its big pool. On this particular day, my friend, Sue, and her two children joined my two girls and me for a play date and lunch. We’d finished eating and were cleaning up. The kids played under the patio. I carried dirty dishes back into the house, turning my back on Sue and the kids. Sue picked up the used napkins and turned her back from the pool for a minute to throw them in the trash can.

That’s when Cary decided it was time to get back in the pool. She picked up her inner tube and placed it over her head, not thinking to stick her arms through the hole also. I had just closed the sliding screen behind me and entered the house when I heard–SHE’S GETTING IN THE POOL.

I turned around just in time to see her head disappear under the swim ring as she walked off the bottom shallow end step. I threw the dishes down, whipped open the screen, dashed across the concrete and jumped in the water. I doubt Cary was under water more than 10 seconds.

Sue and I were horrified that we’d both diverted our attention from the children at the same time. Good thing the Angel was still on watch!

I’m not generally a clairaudient intuitive (hearing messages)–but I guess when a situation is critical enough, a non-physical entity can give a shout-out. Or maybe being a Mother gave me an extra portion of ESP. I don’t know all the forces that came into play, but I am grateful I heard the messages and averted serious consequences to my momentary lapses of attention.

Thank God the Angels are out there. I obviously need all the help I can get! More anecdotes soon…Feel free to share yours.

Enjoy your weekend and hug your kids–

Dana Taylor


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