GAIAM TV For the Supernal Adventurer

th-2I recently purchased an Amazon Fire Stick that turned my plain old basic cable into a major entertainment center. Unfortunately, despite having thousands of Amazon video, NetFlix, PBS, and TED Talks to choose from, I still wasn’t feeling the love. There’s only so much murder, sex, profanity, lectures, animal videos, and stupid human behavior I can take.

What’s a Supernal Girl to do? Download GAIAMTV.COM! Gaiam has grown from a fitness video company to a major producer of transformational programming. For the same $8 monthly cost as Netflix, you can view the quirky, quantum, and cosmic. There is also a variety of full length movies with spiritual themes. Plus, the Gaiam Yoga library is available to stream, which is great. No more moving to the same DVD over and over until it freezes and dies.

Some of the programs are unpolished and low budget, but slick isn’t always better. Intriguing information can be delivered on a white board with markers and a brilliant mind. If you don’t like one program, you can jump to another.

Choose from:

Gaiam_Open-Minds_Regina-MeredithSo far I have enjoyed Open Minds with Regina Meredith the most. She is a good interviewer, sort of the New Age Diane Sawyer. I watched a mind-blowing conversation on walk-ins and another about a dark pyramid buried in Alaska that could power a country the size of Canada. Fascinating!

Let me state that I don’t believe everything I see as absolute truth and some things are too far out of my current world view to embrace, but exploring new ideas keeps life interesting.

So, if you’re tired of the murder, mayhem, and mindless on other platforms, give GAIAM TV a try.

Have a joyful day!

Dana Taylor

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“Wish I Was Here” Gets You Right There

Zach Braff’s new movie WISH I WAS HERE is the story of a modern family dealing with age old issues– marriage, kids, a younger brother, an ailing father.

At the center is Braff’s character, Aiden Bloom, an LA actor still hoping for the big break to fulfill his performer’s dream. But the years are slipping by.  His wife, played by Kate Hudson, works a mind-numbing job to keep  bread on the table. The children are heading into the challenging years. His Jewish father, Mandy Patinkin, announces he can no longer pick up the tab of religious school for the grandkids. The cancer has returned. Braff’s character is smacked in the face with reality. Time to grow up. Time to step up to the plate.

The movie weaves together like a beautifully threaded tapestry. Serving as both director and star, Braff maintains a fine balance between humor and drama, dark and light. The characters grow internally and externally. Patinkin’s moments are pure gold as expected. Braff and Hudson go beyond amicable to authentic. God even gets a shout out a time or two.

It’s the most emotionally satisfying movie I’ve watched in a long time. It reminds us to be present, capture the moments, don’t let life pass you by. Be there for the people you love.

Go see it with someone dear to your heart. Enjoy a tub of popcorn together. Savor the moments.


Heavenly Hollywood


Heaven Is For Real I’m happy to report Hollywood has decided “God sells” this year and so major studios have invested in a few faith-based stories. Tucked among the superheroes, catastrophes and the latest horror flicks this weekend, you can go and see the film adaptation of the surprise bestseller, Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo. Sony Pictures brought together an A-list cast, beginning with Greg Kinnear, as the small town Nebraska preacher, Todd Burpo. The Burpo family are real people, making ends meets in a tough economy. When their son, Colton, was four years old he nearly died from a burst appendix. While his body lay listless on the operating table, his spirit took a little spin around the hospital and then into the heavenly dimension. His startling recollections after his recovery rock his parents’ world. The movie does a good job of taking an incident and building a decent storyline around it. The always likeable Kinnear carries the film portraying a pastor faced with doubts about his own faith system.

From my point of view, the revelations are quite tame. When your circle of friends are spirit communicators, animal psychics, healers, and mystics, a little boy with an NDE is no big deal. Still, it was pleasing to see a movie dealing with faith issues and presenting a Christian preacher as someone of integrity, rather than a flim-flam man. It was also gratifying to see a well-attended house and hear the audience laugh at the right places. Applause broke out the end. I can’t remember that last movie I saw when that happened.

 Watch the Heaven is For Real Trailer


For my money, the really fascinating story that needs to be told is only touched upon in Heaven is for Real–the story of the amazing Akiane Kramarik. The movie begins with a girl painting a picture. During the course of the movie, Colton is asked to describe Jesus, but can’t find the words. The movie ends with him identifying the now-famous Prince of Peace painted by Akiane at the age of eight as the real deal.

Years ago I had a life-changing “dream” with Jesus visiting my bedside, holding my hand, and talking to me. His face was clear and his blue/green eyes so compelling. The experience is recalled in Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy. Like Colton Burpo, I stared in stunned amazement at my computer screen last year seeing the likeness Akiane painted. It is the Jesus of my “dream.”

prince of peace Prince of Peace by Akiane

Go and enjoy Heaven is For Real at the theatres. Your dollars will encourage Hollywood to keep making spirit movies.

And for a real treat watch some YouTube Videos of Akiane KramarikAkiane









Seeking Spirituality in Films– Producer Stephen Simon

Be sure to catch MOVIE ADDICT HEADQUARTERS host Betty Jo Tucker Internet radio interview with film producer Stephen Simon on her Blog Talk Radio show Tuesday, March 11,  2014 at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time. Spiritually themed films are hard to find. Catch the interview here:

Legendary producer Stephen Simon, whose acclaimed movies include Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come, shares his picks for the most uplifting films of all time during this special episode. Simon will also talk about his new movie The Address of Happiness as well as Bringing Back the Old Hollywood, his latest book and current project.

Simon’s other books are Spiritual Cinema and The Force Is With You, which explores over 70 movies that deal with such important topics as the nature of love, the meaning of life and death, the concept of time and space, and the visions of our future.

In addition to the Academy Award Winning What Dreams May Come and the classic Somewhere in Time, Simon produced All the Right Moves and served as an executive producer on fan favorite Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. A veteran of many years in the movie business, Simon has also produced his share of non-spiritual movies, including Smokey and the Bandit, Murder by Death and Body of Evidence. 

Past-Life Regression on a Hardwood Floor

UPDATE September 2014:

Mira Kelley now has a book out, which is on my TBR list. Hay House is very selective about their authors. If you’re intrigued by past lives, check out Ms. Kelley. Below is my impression of her from the workshop I attended last year.

Beyond Past Lives: What Parallel Realities Can Teach Us About Relationships, Healing and Transformation by Mira Kelley


Last fall I saw a facebook ad for a Past-Life Regression workshop in Santa Monica with Mira Kelley. I had never heard of her, but with a quick click, I read her website and watched a couple of YouTube clips about her. She has risen to fame via endorsements by the New Age heavy-hitter, Wayne Dyer, no less. Since Santa Monica is a only a few freeways to the west, I decided to pony up the price of admission and go check out Ms. Kelley for myself.

The session took place at a yoga studio. Ms. Kelley sat on a cushion on a platform and the rest of us staked out a place on a hard, shiny wooden floor for FIVE hours with only a thin mat and pillow to keep us comfortable. I must say, I did fairly well for a woman who remembers the day that Kennedy was shot. Mira first told us her personal story on the path to making past life therapy her vocation. You can hear all the details for yourself at her website, MIRA KELLEY.

Mira Kelley mirakelley.comMira is a lovely woman with a lilting voice, colored with a slight Eastern European accent. Hypnosis is her game, and she has just the right tone for it. Smooth as glass, rhythmic and lulling as a rocking chair. When we finally got to the part to lay down (on that HARD floor), her sing-song sentences sent many right into another time and place. There were a few snores, as well. Afterwards, people shared fascinating tales.

Personally, I’ve had more coherent past-life recollections in the comfort of my living room, where my limbs weren’t losing circulation, using meditation techniques and linking to the Akashic Records. Still, Mira is a compelling personality and I’m glad I had the opportunity to spend the hours in her presence.

Kelley is part of a growing contingent of educated, thinking people taking reincarnation seriously. They work with clients on current life issues by exploring the influences of previous lives. If you’ve read my story in EVER-FLOWING STREAMS: TAPPING INTO HEALING ENERGY, you know that my world view changed radically when a past-life connection was revealed to me by a Reiki therapist. My life was changed and healed on many levels. It took me several years to come to terms with all the ramifications of that connection.

Mira has posted the one hour documentary IN ANOTHER LIFE on her website. It is the best film I have seen highlighting the pioneers of Western study on reincarnation, Dr. Ian Stevenson (Children Who Remember Previous Lives) and Carol Bowman (Children’s Past Lives). There are many other people interviewed who deal with past life therapy on a daily basis. If you want to spend a fascinating hour, watch IN ANOTHER LIFE:REINCARNATION IN AMERICA


A Sacred journey traveled in THE WAY

This weekend I was finally able to see THE WAY with Martin Sheen. This Indy movie written, directed, and produced by Sheen’s son, Emilio Estevez, had been on my must-see list for months. It opened in a few theaters last year, had a good word-of-mouth, but didn’t get the Big Money needed for wide distribution.  I’d been trying, in vain, to get it at the only video store left in town.  I’m happy to announce, it is currently available through Netflix streaming.

image titleThe story line is simple, Martin Sheen’s character is a well-to-do LA  widower/opthmalogist. While playing a round of golf, he receives a call that his only son (Estevez) has died in France. The son was on the first day of walking the famous Camino de Santiago pilgramage through France and Spain. Thus begins the father’s journey through grief, both physically and metaphorically, as he carries the son’s ashes across two countries on an ancient road.

The scenery alone is worth the price of admission. The mountains, villages, and meadows are a spiritual experience. Sheen becomes one of an unlikely quartet taking the journey for personal reasons. They begin as strangers, but end as comrades, having faced their challenges in the way that camping and military campaigns brings people together.

The film delivers a subtle sense of spirituality, without ramming any particular viewpoint down the viewer’s throat. It conveys a lovely respect for the Sacred as the group makes it to the official end of the road at the Cathedral of Santiago which honors St. James. Estevez takes his time with the scene as the characters experience the spiritual communion in their own ways.   

I’m sure I’m one of millions of movie lovers constantly seeking a film that not only tells a story, but lifts the spirit. Finding a movie like THE WAY, is like finding a gold nugget in a mountain of worthless, dull rocks.

Have a lovely day!

Dana Taylor