Clear Your Mind with A Course In Miracles

by Dana Taylor

“I am not a victim of the world I see.”

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 31

As we head into 2019, you may be feeling mentally battered and bruised by the barrage of social media news bites competing for your mind and emotions. Never has the battle for mind control been more obvious as it now displayed across the internet.

If you would like to take control of your own mind, find a place of peace and discernment, I suggest becoming a student of A Course in Miracles. I’ve written about the Course in previous messages. (A Course in Miracles: What Is It?   A Course in Miracles–The Voice Speaks). Briefly, ACIM is a book channelled over the course of seven years in the 1970’s through a university professor. The otherworldly author claims to be the personality known as Jesus. It has quietly grown in popularity, now available in multiple languages.  You may have tried to make your way through. It can be daunting. Now there is a new, fresh, and free approach to understanding and absorbing the principles of ACIM.

Trance channel Tina Louise Spaulding began uploading daily lessons from ACIM on January 1, 2019, with commentary by Jesus. Tina has been channeling Jesus and other entities for several years. I read and reviewed her book Jesus: My Autobiography. While it may seem audacious to “speak for Jesus,” historically there have been millions of people claiming Jesus has spoken to them. The question isn’t so much about the source of the messenger, but the value of the message. That is something everyone who takes the time to read her book or listen to her messages must judge for themselves.

Tina felt instructed by Jesus to read one lesson a day beginning January 1, then open her mind to his commentary. She has followed through with the assignment. Each video is short, generally less than ten minutes. There are 365 lessons in the course, so at the end of one year, the student will have gone through an entire cycle. It must be noted that ACIM is much more than simply the lessons. It is also a long text book, so it is advisable to purchase a copy of the A Course in Miracles and read some of the material that lead up to the lessons.

For myself, I’ve welcomed the opportunity to begin my day with a lesson from ACIM. In this turbulent political era where I’ve distanced myself from people I considered friends and felt sometimes spiritually paralyzed by revelations of atrocities in the world, I’ve reached out to these messages like a drowning person grabbing a floating device.

A Course in Miracles shines light on the power of our minds and how we create our own realities. It releases us from fear, attack mentality, and unforgiveness. Marianne Williamson summed it up in her classic title about ACIM, A Return to Love.

Tina Louise Spaulding uploads all the videos at YouTube on her station, Channeling Jesus and Ananda. Take a look for yourself, you may find that “peace that goes beyond understanding,” as another book about Jesus puts it.

Bright blessings–


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Jesus, My Autobiography: A Review


Danaheadshotby Dana Taylor

Remember when everyone was wearing WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelets? Now, if you believe in channeling nonphysical beings, you might be able to ask him through Canadian medium Tina Louise Spalding.

I know for many, an autobiography from Jesus is beyond the realm of plausibility. But, for the thousands of students of A Course in Miracles, the idea that JC may have picked a new person to communicate through may not seem that far fetched. 

Ms. Spalding began channeling Jesus in 2014, at least that’s the claim. She has been channeling a soul group called Ananda since 2012. She has quietly published Jesus, My Autobiography, which I recently read. Am I convinced it’s the real deal? Well, Jesus has not personally contacted me to verify his authorship. However, I found the material very intriguing. In an earlier era Ms. Spaulding would have certainly been killed for blasphemy, heresy, or sorcery. I would have likewise met some hateful, grisly demise for simply reading the book. Fortunately, we live in more free-thinking times.

From the Preface: I talk about the truth of my birth and the truth of my life. I cover some stories that are recounted in the Bible and tell you the true story of those events. I describe my personal traits, my human traits, and I define what I am, who I am, and why these things happened. You will be able to understand the truth, and you will begin this reconditioning, this retooling of your mind — of your thoughts and beliefs — on this subject of my life, my meaning, and my purpose, for it is a long process. The time is ripe. The need for a spiritual revolution is here. — Jesus

Written in the first person, Jesus covers his childhood and his travels during ages fourteen to thirty-three not mentioned in the Bible. Whether “true” or not, Jesus comes across as a very human person: a curious boy, a dissatisfied youth, a seeker of adventure and spiritual enlightenment. He reveals his great love and subsequent marriage to Mary Magdelene. A very spiritually evolved man, his message of Love didn’t change the world nearly as much as he’d hoped it would. He challenges the established church and states much of the Bible was twisted to promote a political agenda. (He’s not the first to make that claim.)

Mainstream Christian believers will be utterly uncomfortable with this Jesus, who denies his unique Divinity as the only Son of God. However, millennia of worshipers has had its effect: 

Chapter Fifteen excerpt: There are many people who have offered up their lives as sacrifices to me, and what I say is this: The focus of human consciousness on one being shifts that being’s consciousness. Because I have had such adoration and love from so many — the prayers and focused consciousness of so many millions of people over such a long time have indeed shifted my consciousness far beyond that which I could have done by myself. So you can see that the inadvertent belief in my divinity has caused that very thing to arise in some ways.

I have become so enlivened by these wonderful prayers. I have become so connected to so many humans through their willingness to speak to me. I have been given a lot of responsibility in the nonphysical to offer truth out to beings who speak to me, commune with me on a consciousness level, and try to meld with me in prayer.

The details of his earthly existence over two thousand years ago are not the main meat of the manuscript. The most inspirational parts speak to modern spiritual seekers. He covers many subjects including:

  • The Spiritual Mind vs the Ego Mind
  • Manifesting Health
  • Change Your Mind to Transform the World
  • Forgiving Yourself
  • Sexual Energy
  • A New Paradigm
  • Passion and Purpose

 Jesus, My Autobiography feels very much like a companion piece to A Course in Miracles. He claims authorship of ACIM and recommends people read it. The message of forgiveness, love, and compassion is the same.

Whether the book is authentic or fictionalized, it presents a wise, spiritually advanced Jesus who is far more appealing than the judgmental Jesus often portrayed in religious groups. It’s certainly a fresh look at Jesus, the man, and is chocked full of wise advice for modern times.

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