Akashic Records:Case Studies of Past Lives by Lois Wetzel

Dana Review by Dana Taylor

The reason I’ve been posting about Akashic Records Readings is because learning about a past-life tie and the subsequent difficulties that resulted from that connection in my personal life was a major event. It took me over fifty years to put the pieces of my personal puzzle together, as is chronicled in Ever-Flowing Streams. It’s my hope that some people who are also dealing with mysterious phobias or afflictions that are linked to a past life occurence may be able to shorten the learning curve and move on to a better life.

My bouts of swollen glands, anxiety, and insomnia have all dissipated since my initial Reiki treatment in 2005. It took about three years to unravel the layers of connections, but my health and well-being are vastly improved over my previous four decades of life, largely due to understanding my soul’s long journey.

Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past LivesI recently came across a book by therapist Lois Wetzel entitled Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives. I highly recommend investing $2.99 to read this fascinating compilation of case studies. Wetzel does an excellent job of explaining Akashic Records and the value they hold in helping people heal, break negative patterns, and understand puzzling relationships. Some of the stories are hard to grasp because they feel like a tale of science fiction. But, certainly modern living would seem completely unbelievable to people living only a few decades ago.

Written in a straightforward manner, the book gives example after example of past lives and how they affect modern people. Wetzel’s method of downloading particular lives as revealed by the Records Guardians is very interesting and somewhat different from the method I have experienced. Whereas the Record Readers I have visited have answered specific questions, Wetzel’s clients come in with an overall area they want information about. She then opens her mind up to viewing their past lives as if she is watching a movie.

I found myself looking at life with a broader perspective and a new understanding of karmic ties and cycles.

If you have an interest in past life therapy, read Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives by Lois Wetzel.

Lois WetzelYou can find Lois Wetzel on the web at www.hotpinklotus.com.










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4 comments on “Akashic Records:Case Studies of Past Lives by Lois Wetzel

  1. I’m reading that book too, and finding it very interesting. Of particular interest, was the notion that the very last thing a person thinks at the time of death is somehow deeply imprinted on the psyche and soul – and carried forward into future lives. Fascinating. I’m not done reading the book but her case studies are definitely food for thought!

  2. Thank you for the lovely review of my book, Dana, and yes, I have been recently made aware of certain errors in the Kindle version which are artifacts of the uploading process to Kindle. It’s due to this being relatively new technology. Uploading will chop off ends of sentences arbitrarily, delete paragraph indentations, etc. I have a proofreader working on that issue right now.

    The paperback version of my book, “Akashic Records: Case Studies” has no such errors. I apologize to everyone who has had to put up with these editing problems reading this book on Kindle.

    Also, I agree that many of the lifetimes I have seen look like science fiction. They really do. Sometimes I say to myself, “Holy Shirt, am I really seeing this???” The Guardians of the Records assure me that I am. The client’s reaction to the reading is my most reliable barometer, though.

    Humanity has been on the planet for over 500 million years, on continents that no longer exist, having mastered technology we cannot imagine our ancestors might have had…only to be destroyed by meteorites, tectonic plate shifts, and so on. The myth that we evolved from monkeys just a few thousand years ago is just that: a myth.

    I highly recommend everyone interested in the long history of humanity read Walter Cruttenden’s book “The Great Year.” Or try “The Lost Star of Myth and Time.” They are about these long cycles our solar system experiences and how the cycles affect the spiritual and technological evolutionary cycles of humanity. It is also about our relationship to Sirius-B, which is Helios’ twin-star. Helios is the name of our Sun.

    (Google Alerts! emailed me about your review.)

    Luminous Blessings,
    Lois J Wetzel, MFA

    • Lois–

      Reading your book made me want to jump on a plane and head for Houston to meet you. This series of posts on Akashic Records is getting a lot of interest. As people begin expanding their paradigms, your work will become more accepted and part of our “new normal,” as my friends like to say. I will look up the books you mentioned. Thanks for dropping by!

      Dana Taylor

      • Just FYI…You do not have to jump on a plane to Houston to get one of my Akashic Records readings. I do them remotely for people all over the globe and send an audio file via email so they can listen again and again, to integrate the material fully for optimal healing.

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