Are Hillary, Bernie, and Donald Esoteric Archetypes?


A few years ago I was driving on Rosecrans Ave. in La Mirada, CA, almost to the intersection of La Mirada Blvd. It was early evening. I’d probably driven that stretch hundreds, if not thousands of times, because my family moved to that town in 1963. The reason I remember that particular evening so vividly is because, just as I was braking for the red light, I “heard” Pray for Hillary Clinton, she is very ill.

I was startled and mystified by that directive, as Hillary Clinton had not been present much on my personal radar screen. At that time she was orbiting the earth as the Secretary of State, and, truthfully, I hadn’t been a big supporter of her 2008 run for the presidency. As it turned out, that was the evening she was sick with the flu, fainted and hit her head. Her eye sight was affected for months and she had to wear special glasses.

That incident got me to pondering about Hillary and paying more attention to her. She is certainly a lightning for rod for emotion, positive and negative. From an esoteric viewpoint, I wondered if Hillary wrote being the first woman president of the United States into her pre-life chart. Of course, pre-life charts are not contracts or destinies. They are possibilities. For most “ordinary” people, we work on personal life lessons and relationships. But some people appear to have grander, influential roles to play. Hillary certainly appears to be one of those people.

As we continue to shift into new energies and influences, the current chaos is all part of the process. Humans can either do it the hard way with anger and discord, or an easier way with civility and respect. Currently, it appears we are choosing the hard way. 

The video below from Danielle Egnew started trending yesterday on the Internet. Though she looks like a psychic caricature, she offers an interesting esoteric perspective on what’s happening in this election cycle. Judge for yourself:


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