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Dana Review by Dana Taylor

Australian spiritual author, Janice Hunneybell, has collaborated with the spirit of singer, John Denver, on two of the best channeled books I have read. THINGS THAT I BELIEVE IN and ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE are inspirational guideposts to wise living. Sure, I can hear the skeptics scoffing–John Denver?  “Rocky Mountain High.”  She was high on something, alright. All I can say is, read with an open mind. The voice of the material certainly sounds like it could come from John Denver, especially THINGS THAT I BELIEVE IN. Interestingly, there seemed to be less “voice” in ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE and Jan addresses that in her ending words about the writing experience. Yet, the wisdom is all there.

The truth is, the source of the material hardly matters, because the spiritual insights are so solid. These are good principles for living. The ultimate message is one of hope and joy. I read the books slowly, to begin my days and lead into meditation and prayer time. I recommend them for anyone consciously seeking a spiritual journey.

About the author

Image of Janice Hunneybell

Janice Hunneybell is an inspirational spiritual writer. Her books, ‘Things That I Believe In’ and ‘All You Need Is Love’, are channeled spiritual communication from John, who shares his views and philosophy of life and meaning. ‘Things That I Believe In’ was first published in 2008 and is now a kindle e-book. It has been popular with people who want to understand more about life and spirituality. It is easily read but informative and has brought great comfort to people dealing with grief and loss. ‘All You Need Is Love’ was published as an e-book in January 2014. A paperback edition is planned later in 2014 along with collections of her poetry, talks, songs and essays. After a career in administration, Janice chose to follow a path of spirituality, writing, healing (Reiki Master), channeling/mediumship and teaching, giving talks and facilitating workshops on spiritual development and inspirational writing. Born in London, England, Janice now lives in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, Australia with her husband Gordon and a slightly deranged but very sweet cat. An indulgent mother and grandmother to two adult children and four grandchildren, she also seems to have been adopted by a variety of local wildlife including possums, magpies and kookaburras…

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The Power of Sacred Geometry

4th in a series on the Akashic Records

metatron cube

metatron cube

I’ll wrap up these blogs on the Akashic Records with the interesting insights I received about sacred geometry. Eight years ago I received my first Reiki attunement and later, received levels II & III. Each attunement represents absorbing a healing frequency, accompanied by a sacred symbol, passed on by Reiki Masters. Beyond those standard attunements, I’ve received countless spontaneous attunements during prayer circles with my Supernal Friends. One of the friends asks permission to impart the latest attunement and it always involves certain symbols being traced on our palms and sometimes foreheads.

So, what’s the deal with the symbols? Because my experience has been overwhelmingly positive in healing energy, I’ve adopted an in-for-penny-in-for-a-pound attitude. I always accept the attunement, but I haven’t truly grasped the significance of the symbols. Lately, in meditation time, I’ve seen three-dimension symbols, often glowing colored lights. As Alice in Wonderland would say, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

Last week as I was practicing my new discipline of connecting with the guardians of the Akashic Records, I wondered about these mysterious symbols. Here are the thoughts I wrote down:

We will teach you about sacred geometry. The symbols act as connections between one dimension and the next. They each have a unique frequency that is absorbed by the person who receives them through the attunement process. The symbols can also be embedded in books, music, plants, and objects. The ancient people knew this and carved them in stone to raise the vibrations of their communities. We will give you sacred geometry as you work as a therapist to bring clarity and raise the frequency of your clients. That is all.

Interesting, isn’t it? There is so much to learn.

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What’s Your Erroneous Belief?

Part Three of a Series on the Akashic Records

I decided to give The Akashic Records reading a whirl. With chakras open, fully grounded, feeling that familiar buzz of connection, I went the next step and followed the directions from Ernesto Ortiz’ book The Akashic Records: Sacred Wisdom for Transformation. I repeated the designated prayer, exactly as instructed. Then I posed the suggested first question:

Question: What erroneous belief operates in my life that causes me to experience the world in the way I do?

Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen. But I lifted pen to paper and soon this answer flowed through my mind.

Answer: “Life is a struggle.” Life does not have to be a struggle. Obstacles are illusions you’ve built to confirm your belief. You’ve gotten satisfaction when you’ve overcome these “obstacles.”

Erase that notion and simply attract the good things and people into your life. No struggles. Surrender to spiritual guidance and all will be easy.

Wow, that certainly gave me pause. I realized the truth is I have embraced, “Life is a struggle.” There have been times I’ve envisioned myself running a track, leaping over hurdles. Life seemed like one hurdle after another.

Case in point, I have lately been stressing and “struggling” over purchasing a new car. In my price range, good cars are hard to find. I’ve spend too many nights pouring through Craigslist and reading ratings. The couple of likely cars I found were quickly snatched up by other buyers. By the middle of last week, I was burned out and thinking I might just keep my 23 year old car until the transmission completely conked out.

Then, I had a spiritual wake-up call. The Supernal Friends and I got together for a prayer session. Encouraging words flowed that the “right fit” was being sought for me by spiritual helpers. I envisioned the perfect car being delivered to my home and Old Faithful being driven away.

Saturday evening on Craigslist I saw the loveliest Maxima located about half an hour from my house. First thing Sunday morning I called and woke up Omar, the owner. We arranged to meet at a shopping center near his home. My best pal, Sue, and I made fast friends with Omar and by 2pm the deal was sealed. What’s more, Omar decided he wanted to see Old Faithful. Consequently, just as I had envisioned, he delivered the darling Maxima and took the elderly, much-in-need of repairs Old Faithful out of my life.

Easy. No struggle. Definitely an object lesson from the powers that be.

Seeking guidance from the Akashic Records is another step in spiritual development towards leading what Jesus called the “Abundant Life.”

Peeking into the Akashic Records

Part Two of a series on the Akashic Records

Ernesto Ortiz is a name I’ve often seen referenced in metaphysical writings and so I purchased his book The Akashic Records: Sacred Wisdom for Transformation to gain a better understanding of the intriguing topic. Ortiz has been teaching Levels I, 2 & 3 for Akashic Records Certification across the globe for about twenty five years.

This is a text book for the serious metaphysical student. The first half lays down much of the spiritual sensitivities necessary to approach accessibility to the Akashic Records. He covers a lot of territory breaking down spiritual planes (physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric), mediation, chakras, auras and the like. One chapter is devoted to the history of modern day Akashic Records reading about a man named Johnny Prochaska, the founder of the current teaching methods. Prochaska’s story reminded me of the Reiki beginnings with Dr. Mikao Usui. Both men received sacred energy and information to pass onto the world in the 20th century.

The second half of the book gets into the nitty-gritty about the mechanics of connecting to the records and how to postulate questions. It involves reaching a certain state of open energy mediation and then repeating a simple prayer. Level 1 is taught in the book, which is strictly for personal connection, not accessing other people’s records.

Learning to do this is like any other accomplished skill. It begins with an innate talent, but develops with practice. From a personal perspective, I have always been an intuitive person with an attraction toward the healing arts. But, I’m not hugely talented in hearing messages, receiving visions, or transmitting energy. However, I’ve been willing to learn and put in the time to practice.

Getting in touch with the Akashic information and guidance feels like part of a natural progression.

Chapter 24 features a list of possible questions to ask once the records have been opened. The first question suggested is “What erroneous belief operates in my life that causes me to experience the world in the way I do?”

Tomorrow I will share my first experience connecting to the Akashic Records and the answer I received to that question.

If you’re a spiritual adventurer, Akashic Records: Sacred Wisdom for Transformation, is certainly a source of exploration. I purchased a paper copy, but the Kindle version is more than worth the bargain price.

Unravel Personal Mysteries with Akashic Records Readings

Part one of a series on the Akashic Records

I’m almost finished reading THE AKASHIC RECORDS: Sacred Wisdom for Transformation by Ernesto Ortiz. Before I post a review, I thought a little ground work might be in order. Here’s an article I wrote about the fundamental understanding of Akashic Records.

Do you have an unexplained phobia? Do dogs terrify you? Maybe you’ve never learned to swim because you hate the water. You may have more serious issues, like addictions or obsessions. Perhaps you have a mysterious medical condition that has confounded doctors for years. As strange as it sounds to most Western thinkers, the origins of these challenges may come from a past life connection. But how would you know?

Increasingly, curiosity seekers are making their way to Akashic Records Readers.

What are the Akashic Records? Metaphysical writings going back to ancient times refer to a spiritual library of sorts where every incarnated soul has their personal record. The Bible has many references to the Book of Life, which some believe alludes to the Akashic Records. The twentieth century seer, Edgar Cayce, brought the Akashic Records back into the limelight by referring to them as he diagnosed patients to discern the origins of their maladies.

Now in this post-New Age, people with psychic abilities are training in metaphysical schools to tap into the Akashic Records and help others solve their personal mysteries. Readers learn to tune into the Akashic Library where there are spiritual librarians, so to speak. They are the keepers and guardians of the records, able to impart knowledge, insight, and guidance.

Preparing for an Akashic Records Reading is important. The seeker must prepare a list of questions. Sample questions can be found on-line, but here are various topics:

  • Life challenges
  • Recurring problems
  • Relationship complications
  • Phobias
  • Obsessions
  • Addictions
  • Disabilities
  • Life purpose
  • Talents
  • Spiritual direction

The reader will tune into the Akasha level of spirit, say a prayer, announce the name of the seeker asking information, and request that their record be opened. The seeker begins going down their list of prepared questions. The reader communicates between the seeker and the library guardians.

A hypothetical question might be, “Why am I so afraid of the ocean?”

The answer may refer to a past life as a slave being transported from Africa to the Americas. “You were sickly and thrown overboard. Death by drowning left a residue of fear of the sea in your spirit.” Interestingly, often once the source of a problem is revealed, the challenge may lessen or disappear.

Akashic Record readings can take many twists and turns. They can be merely amusing or utterly life changing. Whether you are dealing with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, a recurring annoyance, or simply want to see the bigger picture of your life, a trip to the Akashic Records may help you better understand yourself and the people around you.


Recommended Akashic Records Reader ~ Helen at Ripples of Light


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Books for Inner Peace

Like to start or end your day with a dose of spiritual encouragement? Here are three books that have inspired me to release anxiety, go with the flow, and embrace joy. They come at it from different angles and traditions, but they’re all singing my tune.

Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the 81 pearls of wisdom from the ancient pen of Lao-tzu in the Tao te Ching, or Book of the Way, is pithy and wise. The Second Book of the Tao picks up later Taoist philosophers’ stories and poems with a wry Mitchell commentary offering a Western take on Eastern thinking. These short expressions of profound ideas validate the notion that less truly is more.


Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling has taken Christendom by storm. Young has all the right credentials for the Christian market from her education and to her mission field lifestyle. The book grew out of her personal journaling and receiving “messages.”  The metaphysical world,  would call that “channeling;” the Christian world is more comfortable with “inspired.” (You say tomaato, I say tomahto.) In any case, the daily devotionals resonate with readers looking for a vibrant relationship the Living Lord, Jesus, or the Christ Consciousness. Young mostly refers to “Me” or “My Presence,” but you know who she means.


 I’ve also found myself returning to Jack Armstrong’s Lessons from the Source. This self-published book is lesser known, but offers an excellent mental path of achieving your Greater Good. This channeled (or inspired) material has a Law of Attraction flavor. As the adage goes—change your thinking, change your life. This book is a good place to start.


Feed your mind with uplifting thoughts and see what good things come your way. That’s part of Supernal Living!

Dana Taylor