Supernal work-out

Trudie Styler's Pure Sculpt DVD Don’t you love Big Lots? Always an unexpected treasure to bring home. This week I happened upon an exercise video for a price so low, it would make you jealous. Gaiam is the go-to company for fitness products. Trudie Styler’s workout video PURE SCULPT is just my speed. Not too jumpy, not too bendy, and yet working all the falling parts pretty well.

Set against a Tuscany background, Trudie and her hunky companion (whose name I haven’t caught) flow through ten-minute segments of core strengthening, lower body, and pure arms. The movements feel like a cross between Tai Chi and yoga. Just about the time you start to feel the burn, you mercifully move onto another muscle set. The movements are easy to follow, even for the most workout-challenged participant, such as yours truly. The next day brings the slight muscular reminder of the routine–so you know something good must have happened.

Exercise is definitely part of Supernal Living, but everyone needs to find their style.If you like toning up in the privacy of your living room, consider give PURE SCUPLT a try.

See full info at Gaiam website.

Lemon Grass for Healthy Living

I like to while away a Saturday morning by wandering the local Farmer’s Market in Cerritos, CA.  Many Asian vegetables are offered for the local clientele and I confess to great ignorance of the varieties and uses of many displayed. This week I was drawn to a mysterious pale green bunch of stalks that turned out to be lemon grass. I threw caution to the wind and spent two dollars on my first raw lemon grass purchase.

My taste buds have long enjoyed lemon grass in tea and soups and a little research reveals a long tradition of lemon grass for healthy living. Here are a few of the benefits cited:

  • Improves circulation
  • Calming properties, especially effective for insomnia
  • Cleanses digestive organs or liver, bladder, and kidneys
  • Improves skin conditions such as acne
  • Contains folic acid and a range of B Vitamins
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Traditional cold and flu remedy

Wow! All that and it tastes good too. I brewed some fresh tea and now have a pitcher ready to enjoy in the fridge.

Lemon Grass Tea

2 cups boiling water

2 stalks lemon grass, cut away leaves and outside touch layer. Cut into a couple of pieces and gently crush to release the oils. I used a rolling pin, but a meat tenderizer or hammer will also work.

Steep for 15 minutes. Drink warm or add cool water for iced tea.


Honey, sugar, or stevia to taste

Raw ginger may also be added.

Read more about the benefits of lemon grass at:


Onion Flu Prevention

onionDana by Dana Taylor

Yesterday morning my daughter, Sara, called and said, “Pray for your grandson. He is throwing up all over the house.”

Great. I wasn’t too concerned about four-year-old, Will, our Reiki baby. He has a stellar immune system and I knew his body was just taking care of business. My greater worry was for my daughter, her husband, and baby sister not getting the flu also. So I sat down in my prayer chair and asked for protection for them.

I immediately received an instruction. “Tell her to put cut onions around the house.”

My reaction–Seriously???

I recalled reading something about onions being used against illness, but it is not something I have ever tried or seen. But, I called Sara and told her the impression I had we received. We both began an Internet search for more information. What we found told of “old wives tales” about placing onions around the house to kill off “poisonous” air. Many articles debunk the myth such as:

However here is a quote from that was more “pro” onion therapy:

In an early 1900’s Los Angeles Times article, the following suggestion was offered to the public:

“In a sickroom you cannot have a better disinfectant than the onion. It has a wonderful capacity for absorbing germs. A dish of sliced onions placed in a sickroom will draw away the disease; they must be removed as soon as they lose their odor and become discolored, and be replaced by fresh ones.”

Onions are known for both their anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. They are also high in sulfuric compounds such as thiosulfinates, sulfoxides, and other odorous cysteine sulfoxides. These compounds give onions their pungent flavor and are what make you cry when cutting them. Research shows that the thiosulfinates in onions are responsible for their antimicrobial properties. Thiosulfinates have even been shown to kill off salmonella and E. coli. Sulfuric compounds also play a role in cancer and heart disease prevention, and therefore act as a great immune-boosting food for general disease prevention.

Read the entire article at

When my son-in-law, Aaron, came home last evening, he asked Sara, “Why is there an onion in the bathroom?” She told him her Mom had instructed her to place onions around the house to help prevent spreading the flu. Aaron has gotten used to our eccentric ways and took the news in stride.

This morning, Will woke up feeling fine after a day of retching and resting. So far, the family is flu-free. Was it the onions? Who knows? But, they couldn’t hurt, right?


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Keep Your Teeth!

The mare looked pretty good until the wise horse trader opened her mouth. She was declared “Too long in the tooth.” No sale.

People, like horses, can get “long in the tooth”–gums recede, teeth loosen, and ultimately fall out. Want to avoid such a fate? Here are a few suggestions to add to your dental hygiene that just may save you a bundle of money, pain, and–your teeth!

BRUSH AND FLOSS— Hopefully you’re already doing those everyday. Commercial toothpastes have improved dental health over the decades. While there is controversy about fluoride, most of us are taking our chances and seemingly tolerating any toxicity in our favorite squeeze. Flossing is essential for getting in between the teeth where food particles gather and decay. But, that is simply a good start!

TEA TREE OIL CHEWING STICKSTea Tree Toothpicks, Cinnamon*** - 6 x 100 Toothpicks Triple action Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Toothpicks deliver therapeutic grade
Melaleuca alternifolia oil between teeth and at the gum line, help remove debris and plaque in places where brushes can’t reach and leaves breath fresh and clean. Uniquely designed from renewable, fast-growing birchwood trees, each toothpick is infused with a powerful array of natural plant extracts, including peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, fennel and menthol. Infused with a powerful array of natural plant extracts, including
peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, fennel and menthol. Trace your gum line with these toothpicks after brushing and you’ll be amazed at the plaque still to be removed. The tea tree oil kills bacteria at the gum line. If you’ve had a history of bleeding gums, you should definitely add this step to your dental cleaning routine. Freshens breath also! Available in health food stores and on-line.

BAKING SODA —Want to make your mouth feel squeaky clean? Brush with basic baking soda occasionally. The natural oxidizing agents in baking soda whitens stains. Not recommended on a daily basis, due to the abrasive nature it may have on enamel, but a couple times a week is fine to add a nice polish to your smile.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE—  At a cost of about $2 a bottle, hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive whitening and disinfecting agent. Use as a mouthwash a few times a week to cleanse the mouth. It doesn’t have much taste and fizzes!

Don’t become like an old nag who is long in the tooth!

As time goes by, maintaining healthy gums are the keys to retaining teeth into a ripe old age. Adding a few minutes of additional care for your gums can lead to a life of pleasureable eating and dazzling smiles.

Juicing–Breakfast of Champions

Many people buy a juicer with good intentions and then relegate to a dark cabinet to gather dust. I admit to often being one of those people. A couple of months ago, after a summer of vacationing and eating over-cooked, lifeless food my system was feeling the abuse. A mysterious and persistent stitch grabbed my side. The afternoon bloat seemed to be getting worse.

Time to dust off the juicer.

I went on a two-day juice fast, running a variety of red, green, and yellow foods through the machine. Watermelon was in season and made a great juice base. Almost anything is palatable mixed with sweet watermelon juice. I ventured to the local Saturday morning Farmer’s Market and came back laden with sprouts, beets, Swiss chard, tomatoes, and juicy melon.

Juicing has once again become part of my weekly routine. Best of Juicing sites these benefits from juicing:

  • Increased absorption of nutrients–no chewing required
  • Beneficial Enzyme intake–these little soldiers do so much work of the body, especially digesting food
  • Antioxidants–grab those nasty free radicals that age you
  • Enhance the immune system–stay strong, baby
  • Enhance metabolic rate–burn, calories, burn

After the first week I ran into a friend at church I hadn’t seen in a while. She said, “You’re glowing! Are you in love?”

I laughed. “I’ve been juicing.”

My skin, hair, and overall health has improved these last few weeks. The stitch in my side disappeared. My digestive tract has cleansed. My energy level has improved.

People object to juicing mainly because it is admittedly messy. The cleanup takes a few minutes. We’re used to drinking juice out of a carton–no muss, no fuss. Develop a different mindset. Think of it as cooking, without the heat.

You chop, you juice, you clean up. Get a stiff brush to speed up the process of getting small particles out of the mesh of the juicer.  From beginning to end the process takes half an hour or less. You’re worth it!

Tangy Treat

1 beet

2 carrots

1 apple

1 inch fresh ginger

2 stalks celery

1/2 cup cabbage

Juicing–it’s what’s for breakfast!

God’s medicines–Essential Oils

It’s that germ-ridden time of year. Be pro-active about keeping healthy and lay in a supply of Young Living Essential Oils.

My medicine cabinet holds an arsenal of powerful defenses and I think EVERYONE should have them also.  The knowledge of essential oils goes back to antiquity. Question–What were the treasured gifts the Wise Men gave the Baby Jesus? Answer–frankincense and myrrh, two precious essential oils. Modern research has found oils contain many healing agents, but more importantly, they are HIGHLY ENERGETIC. They are the life blood of plants and their healing properties and energies are extremely beneficial.

Purification is a Medicine Cabinet Must.  Ingredients: Citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, Melaleuca,
lavandin, and myrtle. Kills viruses on contact. Excellent to use when traveling or going out in public. Rub some on your hands and neck to protect your system. When you feel the beginning of a cold, apply several times a day to the throat area. (I put a drop in each nostril when I am fighting a cold. Some people may find that too strong.)

Thieves Ingredients: Clove, lemon,
 cinnamon, Eucalyptus radiata, and rosemaryThieves is a “hotter” blend than Purification  and delivers a blast to enemy microorganisms. Legend has it the blend is named for the Thieves who robbed bodies during the Black Plague. They were perfumers who knew the power of the oils. They could rob the dead without getting sick themselves. Rub on the bottom of the feet to boost the immune system.

 ImmupowerIngredients: Hyssop, mountain savory, ravensara, frankincense, oregano, clove , cumin,
and idaho tansy.The priciest and smelliest of the lot, the oregano oil in the blend gives off quite an aroma and I’m sure cold germs simply faint away. Application on the spine and bottom of feet will energize the body’s natural defenses.

Don’t let colds and flu get the upper hand. Go on the defensive with essential oils. They are truly God’s medicines. For more information go to Young Living Essential Oils. I strongly suggest finding a Young Living distributor in your area to learn more about these terrific products. If you just want to order on your own, feel free to use my distributor number 57763.

Read more about Pro-active health in Tapping400 EVER-FLOWING STREAMS:TAPPING INTO HEALING ENERGY.

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Ebook at Amazon

Stay well and enjoy Supernal Living!

Dana Taylor