Psychometry 101 and the Hawaii Ballistic Missile Scare

Dana Taylor

updated March 26, 2018

I recently led a Psychometry Workshop at the Quantum Healing Institute of Holistic Health in Honolulu. Psychometry is discerning the energy that has been imprinted on an object or place by people or events. For some, psychometry conjures up B-movie images of fake Gypsy fortune tellers holding an object, going all googly-eyed, and giving a dire description of a horrible fate for the person who owned the object. For the sake of argument, let’s set the spooky elements aside and look at psychometry from another angle.
Our world is made of energy. We’re now converting the energy of wind, solar, water, and of course, oil to power our homes and vehicles. There’s no such thing as a solid object. Molecules charged with energy create an illusion of solidity. We humans are energetic beings, complete with electrical circuitry to fire our brain, pump our heart and propel us through our daily lives.  Whether we recognize it or not, we are constantly being influenced by the energies around us.
Studying psychometry builds our awareness of surrounding influences. In some situations, a knowledge of psychometry may be protective.
Object Psychometry ~ Energetic impressions in a object imprinted by previous owners.
Location Psychometry ~ Energy imprinted into places by events or emotions.
People and animal Psychometry ~ Energy frequencies projected by living creatures.
Basically, we are living in a psychometric sea of energy every day. Most people go along with the push and pull of such forces in their daily lives and cope the best they can. For empathetic people who are highly influenced by these swirling energies, learning more about them makes life easier to handle.
For instance, a few years ago I was on vacation with my husband in San Antonio, Texas. As we happily strolled the old downtown area, we saw an inviting Catholic Church. I walked up the steps and pulled open the wooden doors. White washed adobe walls surrounded rows of old wooden pews. Beautiful statues stood in stations around the perimeter. I wanted to circle the room and see the art.
However, just a few steps in, I was hit with a wave of sadness. The more I walked into the space, the deeper sense of grief overwhelmed me. It felt as if the very walls were weeping. Tears came to my eyes. I thought if I stayed in that place much longer, I would collapse in a pew and sob.
I looked at my husband and said, “I gotta get out of here.” I dashed out the wooden the doors and collected myself back on the sidewalk. He joined me a few minutes later, not having felt anything unusual in the building.
Such experiences have taught me to be more discerning. People, places, and things all carry energetic frequencies and information. Some are very uplifting–like swimming in the ocean or seeing the Dalai Lama. Other places and people I avoid, like taking a tour of Alcatraz or attending a rally of White Supremists.
Understanding psychometry is a survival tool, especially for more sensitive souls. Knowledge is power.


As luck would have it, the morning of the workshop was also the morning of the false ballistic missile alarm for Hawaii. As I was getting ready for the workshop, my phone blasted the alarm sound and I read:
My blood pressure spiked, adrenaline kicked in and I went into fight or flight mode. Thinking there might be a 20 minute window before a blast sent destructive waves through the air, I put my tornado alley training into action. I got dressed, making sure I had shoes on to walk over broken glass and debris,  grabbed my purse, a gallon of water and the keys to the storage closet on the first floor of the house.
As I hunkered in the closet surrounded by paint cans, dirt, and tools, I regretted not bringing a pillow to protect my head in case a screwdriver went flying toward my brain. Oh well… By then I was messaging my daughters on the mainland, who didn’t seem all that concerned. Daughter #2 asked, “Did you put on a bra?”
Within a few minutes they had searched twitter to see Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s message declaring a false alarm. It would be another twenty minutes before civil defense issued their own “oops, my bad” message.
So, in the aftermath of all that fear and confusion, the psychometry workshop transpired with about six participants. We were all still wired from the bomb scare. I was a bit nervous that the event might be a flop if nobody displayed any ability, but, fortunately, that was not the case.
Everyone brought an item that had had one primary owner. I passed out index cards and they each took one or two objects and wrote their impressions down on the cards. Interestingly, everyone got some details right. One gal in particular was very gifted. She gave whole personality types, knew if the owner was living or dead, and offered descriptions of their homes. She validated the concept of psychometry for the group.
As the week passed, the energy from the ballistic missile scare reverberated throughout the islands. Indeed, the psychometric effect of the mass consciousness of fear rippled for many days. I felt like I was absorbing disturbed energy everywhere I went. By Friday, I decided I needed a cleansing massage and made an appointment with a lomilomi therapist. Thankfully, she cleared out the negativity and put me back in balance.
Energy affects us everywhere we go. Understanding the principles of psychometry better prepares you to deal with your daily encounters with people, places, and things.
For more information on Psychometry read: Psychometry: The Psychic Touch

Awaken Your Soul Every Day

Stacey and Jack Stephens


Welcome to 2018!  If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is growing your spiritual awareness, check out the new on-line daily course from Stacey and Jack Stephens at Soul Self Living.
Stacey’s channels from a higher entity group called the Ancient Ones has been released in a series of books over the past several years. I’ve enjoyed the peace and wisdom they provide in this chaotic world.
Now many messages have been streamed lined into a 365 day online course for spiritual students entitled A Year to Awaken Your Soul to take on the go. They can be accessed on phones, laptops, tablets–anywhere, anytime you need a bit of wisdom from on high.
I’ve incorporated the program over the past week into my morning meditation routine. They are just long enough to get your mind ready for prayer and contemplation.
The Ancient Ones not only teach spiritual principles, but they promote positive concepts for creating a better society. Messages emphasize taking care of the planet, caring for each other, and manifesting a brighter future for all of humanity.
Be part of the Light! Visit the Awaken Your Soul program at Soul Self Living today and start 2018 with joy and hope.

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Cars Going the Way of the Buggy Whip?

Will car dealerships, parking lots, and traffic jams soon be quaint pictures from the past?

by  Dana Taylor

My meditation notebooks are getting filled with some interesting, “out there,” thoughts. Increasingly, when I look back over them, I have practically no conscious memory of writing them down. The information in this message from September 17, 2017, refers to cars changing the planet. A Treehugger article today paralleled the ideas. Time will tell how prescient these thoughts may be.

Supernal Journal ~ September 17, 2017

Cars are at the forefront of changing the lives on the planet. This process began over 100 years ago and continues today. They bring the world’s population together, mix them up, drive the economies.

Now, the cars are changing again. They will drive the world away from the control of oil, oil exploration, and oil exploitation. The need to disturb Gaia to suck the oil will diminish. This will happen more quickly than anticipated.

The ripple effect on economic factors will be felt around the world. Some will benefit, others will not make the transition. Pray for the transition of the vehicles. This will make it easier.

TREEHUGGER Magazine November 8, 2017 quotes former GM Vice Chair, Bob Lutz:

“It saddens me to say it, but we are approaching the end of the automotive era. The auto industry is on an accelerating change curve. For hundreds of years, the horse was the prime mover of humans and for the past 120 years it has been the automobile. Now we are approaching the end of the line for the automobile because travel will be in standardized modules.”

Read the Full Article ~ Former GM Vice Chair Says Automotive Era Ending

What will the next era of transportation look like? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Like the Song Says — Let It Go

by Dana Taylor

It’s 2017, five years since the Shift of 2012, the very beginning of a 25,000 year cycle. While some were hoping for a beautiful lift of consciousness for all of humanity– the end of strife, war, and violence–it’s clearly not working out that way. Caught in the grinding gears of Shift, we have entered a time de-struction. Old institutions, technology, political models, education systems aren’t working anymore. Collapse and change is everywhere on a global scale.

How about on a personal level? Have you noticed old things falling away from your life? Is there an increase in deaths around you? Are long term relationships falling apart? There may be someone you’ve considered a life-long friend who suddenly drops you. Another friend reveals political and social thinking so divisive, there appears to be no common ground. Jobs are changing, relatives are moving away, churches are splitting.

The nonsensical notion to “Make America Great Again,” reveals the national fear of change. Many want to “go back.” But, the Shift is upon us. There is no going back. As individuals we can either consciously recognize this reality and make plans to move forward or get stuck in resistance and denials.

Grief, fear, and pessimism can overwhelm us and drag us into apathy, which, of course, only makes things worse. In my case, several unexpected deaths have occurred in my circle of acquaintance, close family members moved far away, my inner circle of friends is changing and I’m still adjusting to widowhood.

As Elsa in Frozen sings, Let It Go. Whatever is no longer working, whether it be a relationship, job, community group or political affiliation, we need to release it. Elsa had been hiding her true self and trying to fulfill other people’s expectations. She couldn’t do it anymore and sings her iconic song. For a while she lost her family, friends, and home, but ultimately she created a new reality for herself that allowed her to be free.

I share this message I received during meditation this week, as I think it applies to many:

This is a time of incubation, gestation. A new life is growing, but birth is not yet ready. Do not despair that you feel unproductive. In truth, you are in the process of production in unseen ways.  It is still a period of letting old things, old relationships, old versions of yourself go. Clean the space to make ready for the new.

Finish your tasks at hand. Get your life in order. Enjoy the quiet obscurity of the moment. It takes time for the stars to align. Then the next era will begin.

Spiritual Energy Coach, Lee Harris, offers months Energy Updates. I found his update for November particularly insightful. Give it a listen:

So, whatever you are resisting, whatever grievances you are holding, release them. In that way you will clear a path to new opportunities and relationships to enrich your life.

Be like Elsa ~ Let It Go.

Bright blessings~~

Dana Taylor


As the veil between dimensions thins, we will be developing new approaches to life, death, and beyond. Thanks to Ellis Nelson for posting this interview on her site. Read and enjoy!

Did We Manifest Hurricane Harvey?

by Dana Taylor

As Hurricane Harvey churned toward Texas, I sat upon my yoga mat in my Hawaiian apartment meditating on the gathering storm. Could it be calmed, dissipated or diverted as I’ve seen mass prayers seem to do in other weather events? I prayed and asked. The answer was NO. Snap shots played on my mental movie screen. An unstoppable force of wind, rain, and destructive floods. People caught in harm’s way. Buildings, businesses, homes underwater.

From an esoteric standpoint, I wasn’t surprised, even as my gut felt sickened by the coming toll on thousands of families. The predictions of this year have been unfolding. The Year of the Rooster. All the political figures crowing (or tweeting) of their greatness and might. Doreen Virtue had prayed “protect the children” for May, the month of the London concert attack on young music fans. She predicted riots in the streets throughout the year and a cataclysmic event near the fall. Hurricane Harvey fits the bill. 

The hurricane isn’t simply a weather event. It is an energetic event. Some might call it an Act of God. Yet, cosmically, it may be a case of like attracting like. The energy emanating from the US this year has been turbulent and destructive. Angry people expressing themselves in marches, profanity, and violence. Gun addiction and hate crimes on the rise. We’ve created a whirlwind of hatred and frustration, sending it into the very atmosphere, calling it our way. Gaia listened and delivered.

We humans are powerful creatures, unconsciously manifesting the daily events of our lives. It’s easy to see the friends around us calling forth the bad relationships and financial disasters. Not so easy to see our own fatal attractions. Collectively, we also manifest as a family, community, city, state and nation. The power of the manifesting is daunting at the national and global level. Why, you might even get a huge “once in a thousand years” hurricane.

“The hurricane isn’t simply a weather event. It is an energetic event. Some may call it an Act of God. Yet, cosmically, it may be a case of like attracting like.”

So, now the test before us is what kind of energy do we send out to deal with this national crisis? Does mob mentality rule? Every man for himself, the looters are loosed on Houston, followed by martial law? Or do we take a path of rescue, reconciliation, and healing?

We’re at a pivotal point, a crossroads. We can continue down a path of destruction and hatred, thus calling more destruction and hatred our way. I suppose a nuclear bomb would take it to the next level.

Or we can collectively choose peace, kindness, compassion and love. Hurricane Harvey presents an opportunity to bring out our highest nature or debase humanity even further. Which way will we go?

Of course, I’m a romantic at heart, a believer in happy endings after the Black Moment. A spiritual Pollyanna. I have hope that we can collectively come to a place of reconciliation, help our neighbors, treat others as we would like to be treated.

If we set our minds and hearts to it, we can manifest a much better world. It takes an act of will, and then Love put into action. It begins with you and me, one person at a time. My greatest hope is that suffering from Hurricane Harvey takes us collectively to a place of redemption of our national soul and makes us a more compassionate people.

God bless Texas, and all of us.

Dana Taylor