Transmissions and Meditations

by Dana Taylor

In this era of high tension, achieving mental clarity and emotional peace is more challenging than ever. As I scroll through my Facebook timeline, I’m struck by the irony of the Law of Attraction that few people understand. Intense emotion and mental energy directed at a circumstance will set cosmic forces in motion to manifest it into the physical realm. So, often the very things we do not want are the very things we receive. The poor become poorer, the fat become fatter, negative relationships repeat again and again. The world seems to need a refresher course in Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Seeking mental and spiritual sanctuary, I’ve explored some on-line resources. A friend shared the free app, Insight Timer, which offers a one-stop place for meditations and calming music. With over seven million users, Insight Timer gives people from around the globe a place to chill out. There is music with binaural beats, chanting, classical themes, drumming, flutes, singing bowls and more. A variety of teachers offer meditations from Eastern and Western traditions. Positive-thinking and emotional healing themes abound. I haven’t run across anything too woo-woo. For that, you need to visit YouTube.

The free-wheeling world of YouTube offers a smorgasbord of spiritual adventures. Strange accented or robotic channelers, modern gurus, sermonizing Baptists. They are all there. Spiritual discernment required. As I’ve stated before (Beam Me Up, Steve Nobel), the transmissions of the starseed mentor, Steve Nobel, appear to have a true energetic component encoded. I suppose that’s why he calls them “transmissions,” rather than the more passive, “meditation.” From his base in London, Steve broadcasts angel enhanced transmissions to break old ties, awaken akashic memory, and raise the frequency of his listeners. I can feel the energetic connection. My friend experienced a release of negative memories through a Nobel transmission.

Moving to Hawaii four years ago enhanced my spiritual development. The energies here are palpable. My life on the island is filled with grace. I have the luxury of time to meditate and pray. I send healing energy near and far. I’ve been led to good friends and creative outlets. Lately, I’ve also been led to develop a presence on YouTube. I’ve created some inspired meditations and infused them with healing energy.

If you’re looking for a respite from our chaotic world, I invite you to carve out some time, put on earphones, and relax with a Supernaltation. More to come as spirit inspires.


Choose Positive Influences for a Healthier Life

How did a nice American girl like me get involved in a Japanese healing system called “Reiki”?

Tapping400Read all about my journey in EVER-FLOWING STREAMS: TAPPING INTO HEALING ENERGY, on special this week with a Kindle Countdown Sale, beginning at 99 cents.  I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is curious about the healing power of prayer. Donna Fasano UK US


chimesI am constantly amazed by the wonder of Reiki and the healing energies around us.  Frequency affects our physical and mental health. Reiki therapists work in the energetic fields of clients, infusing healing energy and removing blockages. So many influences are either positive or negative, energetically speaking. Begin thinking defensively as you make life choices. Fresh food, essential oils, purified water all lift our energetic frequency, whereas processed foods, toxic drugs, and many beverages drag people down.

Negative people and news sources are also to be avoided. You know who I mean–that constantly complaining “friend” who drains your energy. Those talking heads on FOX News. Turn the channel! Don’t take the call.

Even sound can be positive or negative. For Christmas, I bought myself (and my clients) this wonderful Chakra Chime from Soul Vibrations. The eight notes resonate at healing frequencies. You can literally feel them in your body. Spirituality has always been linked to uplifting music–chanting, hymns, mantras.  All pathways to higher consciousness.

During this holiday season, center yourself in higher energies–fresh food, laughter, beautiful music, and positive thinking.  Make 2014  a time of new, positive beginnings for your body, mind, and spirit.

Sending you Good Vibes–

Dana Taylor

Buddy’s Kitty Miracle

I really thought Buddy was a goner. My ten-year-old tuxedo cat walked in the house three nights ago and looked radically different. His walk wobbled and his coat looked oddly spikey. His eyes telegraphed pain.

“Buddy, what’s wrong?” I asked. Of course, he didn’t answer, but he didn’t eat any dinner either, so I knew something was amiss. I  thought “stones,” knowing cats can develop painful blockages in their kidneys or bladders.

I immediately picked up the phone and alerted the Supernal Friends, “Pray for Buddy!”

If you’ve read Ever-Flowing Streams (and why haven’t you?), you’ll know I believe in pro-active prayer and I have a lovely team of friends that join me in this pursuit.  The following afternoon I received a call from Helen, the gifted healer featured in “Streams.”

She said, “I’m afraid Buddy has stones in the urinary tract.”

Helen worked several years in an emergency vet hospital and has a lot of experience with sick animals. She warned me that his condition is very painful. She told me I could tell if his bladder was obstructed by feeling for a hard ball near his belly. Worst case scenario, the bladder would burst and cause an excruciating death. Together we agreed that given his age and the expense of IV’s and catheter treatment, my kindest solution was probably to put Buddy down.

Sitting in my backyard, with the sun shining and the birdies singing, I contemplated a sad trip in the morning to a vet. So, I did what a girl naturally does, I decided to get a haircut. If I was going to kill my cat, at least I would look good.

When I returned from the beauty shop, neatly trimmed, Buddy was lying on the warm concrete beside the pool. I went outside and petted him. He softly purred, but didn’t have much energy to move. I poked around his belly and found a hard lump, somewhat smaller than a golf ball. Poor Buddy’s bladder was completely blocked.

So, then I did the only thing I knew to do–I prayed. I laid my hands on Buddy’s flanks, opened the energy centers in my head and hands and prayed from the heart, “Please help my cat.” I allowed the spirit language I received long ago to flow, along with the healing energy and loving intention to bring Buddy relief. Sometimes prayer power simply kicks in and goes beyond human explanation. This was one of those moments. My prayer language expanded, chanting and flowing, as the buzz of the healing frequencies vibrated my hands. Both Buddy and I jumped a few times with the spurts of energy pouring through us. Sitting on the warm concrete, with the sky turning sunset colors, Buddy and I shared a heavenly moment.  The experience lasted about ten minutes.  The phrases subsided; the energy decreased.

I patted him on the head and returned to the house. An hour later, I looked out the living room window and saw Buddy still lying where I’d left him. I did a double take–a river of fluid appear to be flowing from his hind quarters. Had his bladder burst? Opening the screen door, I approached him with trepidation. His body was intact; he was alive and leaking urine like a Betsy Wetsy doll. Good grief! Who knew a cat could hold so much fluid? I massaged his belly, causing even more flow.

“Wow, Buddy. I think you are a kitty miracle.” He then stood up and wobbled over to his water bowl and drank for the first time in two days.

That evening, he continued to be an incontinent cat. He clawed on the screen door to come into the house. “Buddy,” I said. “I can’t have you dripping cat pee all over my house. I’m sorry.” Then he gave my that sad-green eyed look, ala, Puss in Boots. I relented and let him in. The carpets need to be cleaned anyway.

Being a gentleman, he walked directly to my bathroom and planted himself there, as if to say, “I won’t mess up your house. You can wash this carpet.” He stayed there all night long.

Another day has gone by. He is drinking water, lapping a little broth from his canned cat food and soaking up the rays by the pool. He’s obviously more comfortable. I know he won’t live forever; he’s getting on in years. This crisis may hasten his demise. But, for now, he is my living testament that the power of Love is at our finger tips if we just learn how to channel it and allow it to flow through us.

Buddy lives on.


Update 2015: Buddy continued as my favorite feline friend until he gently passed away under my hands over Thanksgiving of 2013. Best. Cat. Ever.

The Healing Light–Still the One

Books become classics for a reason–they stand the test of time. The words of an author long gone from the planet still resonate with new generations. Such a book is The Healing Light by Agnes Sanford.  I first read the book in 1983–the year Agnes passed. It began a life-long exploration for me of healing prayer and learning principles of health.

The Healing LightThe book sat on my keeper shelf for decades, making one house move after another with my family. But I hadn’t read in its entirety in years. I’d moved onto the modern gurus, few of which reside on the keeper shelf. Last month I felt the urge to read it again. Interestingly, in a prayer session with Helen (see Supernal Friends) she said, “There’s a book you haven’t read in a long time. You’re supposed to read it again.” I knew she was talking about The Healing Light.

Published originally in 1947, the book touches on concepts touted by Hay House bestsellers. But before there was Dyer, Deepak or Abraham/Hicks–there was Agnes Sanford. Agnes brings elements of faith to her understanding of energy healing that is often missing in today’s literature. Agnes knew beyond a doubt from whence her power came.

Raised in China by missionary parents and then married for decades to a Protestant minister, Agnes Sanford was a pioneer in the healing ministry of the twentieth century. She taught that prayer is an act of co-creation between God and man. Her references to light, vibration, and scientific discoveries of her day show a mind that captured the whole picture of mind, body, and spirit.

Beneath all her teaching is a connection with the Christ Spirit. Agnes Sanford became the conduit of a healing source far beyond her human capabilities. She taught that anyone can also become such a conduit, given the practice and motivation.

Being an intercessor can be overwhelming. Increasingly, the Supernal Friends get calls to send healing energy to many people dealing with critical situations. One principle in the book that has helped me stay in the healing game is the idea of “bundles.” Nobody can pray for everybody. But, each of us can have certain prayer assignments in our “bundles.” If everyone prays for the people and situations in their individual bundles, the needs will be met.

In my meditation time, I ask for the bundle assignments to be made clear and I send healing energy to the best of my ability. Admittedly, my bundle feels fairly meager compared to the ocean of need in the world. But, I do my part and don’t allow guilt to drag me down for everything I don’t pray about.

The Bundle Concept is a good survival tool to the active healer/mediator.

One of the gals in my bundle who is struggling with cancer told me she has read The Healing Light three times this year. It has been source of spiritual and emotional strength. She’s even dreamed that Agnes Sanford has ministered to her as she sleeps.

When a book offers hope and enlightenment for over sixty years, it’s a classic.