The Quantum Case for Reincarnation

Lois J. Wetzel

Lois J. Wetzel

Lois J. Wetzel is a mystic and visionary thinker. She is able to communicate with the Guardians of  the Akashic Records and offers clients life-readings to help them in their present lives. Her latest book, Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akashic Records is fascinating. At the end of the book, she added an Addendum that ties in some concepts of quantum physics to reincarnation. I asked Lois’ permission to post it here. This is for those of you who “get” it!

Reality is too complex to be trapped by a measurement, according to Dr. Deepak Chopra. In my opinion this pervasive yet foolish notion is the trouble with empiricism; the idea that the truth of what is real can be determined by a set of rules created by humans. This misconception keeps us from living in the real world. Empiricism, the currently accepted scientific method, relies almost solely upon measurement. But reality is just not that simple—as Chopra has said. Human beings are in no position to dictate what features “reality.” Reality is whatever it is. Our notion of how to determine what is real and true—that is what must change. It must change in order to embrace what reality is, not what we think it should be.     

We now know due to advances in quantum physics and mechanics over the last century that our physical universe is far more complicated than was previously believed. These advances convince many that we humans are on the edge of proving that each of us has a consciousness which transcends physical form. Or perhaps we are about to discover there is a supreme consciousness which transcends and underlies all reality, and we are part of that consciousness. Once that is firmly established and understood by a critical mass of us everything will change. A piece of that change will be that it will be finally clear to even the greatest skeptics that past lives are clearly likely within the infinite field of possibilities in which we exist.     

Indeed, the odds are great that the proof of most of what we refer to as psychic phenomena flows from that conclusion about transcendent consciousness.      I have long held that consciousness is all there is. Consciousness creates everything out of the infinite waves of probability floating somewhere in the unmanifest field.    

I first learned about the famous “double-slit experiment” back in the 1980s–the experimenters’ conclusion was that light could behave as either a particle or a wave. Which light “decided” to be was completely dependent upon its being measured. Until it was measured or observed, it was neither a particle nor a wave, just a possibility. This decision light was making was referred to as the “observer effect.” Back then the scientific measurement was considered the important event or deciding factor.     

I am relieved to report that in the ensuing thirty years more experiments have been done. It is now known that not only light, but electrons behave the same way in this experiment. Electrons are bits of matter. With further experimentation it has been found that molecules and atoms behave like waves of probability as well. This means that particles of matter do not decide when, where and how they are going to show up in the physical world until they also are observed. They do not exist as anything but a probability until a consciousness interacts with them.     

Observation being so important, perhaps it needs to be defined. Observation and measurement are the same thing.  Measurement requires some kind of measuring device or tool. One very important distinction about the measuring device is that it includes the physicality of the human being doing the observing. The eyes, the retina on which images are registered, the optic nerve which carries that image to the brain, the physical and chemical components of the brain—all these are as much bits of the measuring instrument as any metal, glass, plastic or wooden objects that might be used for measuring purposes.     

If the brain is simply an instrument, then who or what is doing the observing? It must be something outside or apart from the brain. Clearly, it has to be the consciousness since that is all that is left. In other words, when observation is broken down to its core component all that is left is consciousness—or awareness. In the end, all there is left to do the observing, and hence the creating of reality, is consciousness.      Studies have shown that something interesting happens when we decide to take an action like picking up a writing tool, for example. The hand moves in the direction of the tool a fraction of a second before the changes in the brain which signal that a decision has been made have occurred. Yes, the hand moves before the brain thinks about picking up the tool. Clearly the hand, and doubtless other parts of the body, can receive signals from consciousness as well or better than the brain.      The brain is therefore not where the decision is made. The brain is merely a receiver. The mind, or consciousness, is where the decision is made. Quantum physicist Nassim Haramein has said that looking for consciousness inside the brain is like looking for the announcer inside the radio.     

To further support the existence of a separate consciousness it is important to note certain facts. People who have died and been revived almost always report either standing outside of or floating above their own bodies. They can recount accurately what others at the scene were doing or saying after they died. To test this, certain hospitals even place written notes atop upper cabinets in operating rooms so that someone floating on the ceiling can read these notes and report back what was written there if asked later—assuming they return to life. And yes, some people do return to life and report what was written on top of the cabinets.   Consider that the people’s brains were still inside their bodies during the time they were outside those same bodies observing themselves and their surroundings. Their consciousness was not, though. Their sense of themselves, the part that observes—the part that sees and hears–was outside the body. It therefore seems clear we are not our bodies, nor our brains. What we are is a deathless consciousness which can leave and re-enter our bodies and still be conscious of what was going on as though the body were not necessary.

It follows logically that this consciousness can enter a new body prior to the time of its birth, and leave again at death. So why could we not do that more than once? Why should we assume that this awareness of ourselves cannot or would not enter a new body several times over a long span of time if the conditions were agreeable? Why would we settle for only one lifetime? There is a mounting body of evidence supporting the belief that most of the people on the planet have held for countless thousands of generations. We reincarnate.

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Dr. Emoto: He Showed Us the Power of Intention

Dr. EmotoDr. Masaru Emoto has passed away. Dr. Emoto gave us visual evidence of the power of our thoughts through his photography of water crystals published in the now classic Hidden Messages in Water.

According to OM Times, Dr. Emoto’s final word was “Arigato”–Japanese for “Thank you,” fitting for a man who promoted Gratitude as the best attitude for living life.

He used to say, “Life is LOVE which is a gift from God and parents, and DEATH is gratitude for going to a new dimension.” So now he is in another dimension and continues to look over us warmly with love and gratitude. 

Read the full article here: OM Times on Masaru Emoto

For me personally, Hidden Messages in Water was a life changing book. The photographs of water crystals transformed by pure thought and intention was a graphic demonstration of the healing work I do every day. The insights gave me courage to continue exploring the healing arts, despite the skepticism that surrounds energy healing. When you can see how water crystals are transformed by pure thought and knowing our bodies are mostly water, the power of healing intention becomes very real.

Thank you, Dr. Emoto for your gift to the world.

Enjoy this feature about Dr. Emoto:


Visionary Journey with Native American Soul

On the Mountain by June O’Brien is a unique mixture of story-telling, poetic imagery, and mysticism.

Set in the wilderness region of the Northwest, we are introduced to Ruby, a visionary medicine woman caught up in her latest calling to a particular area on the mountain. She readies herself for a journey, feeling the strong pull, but not knowing exactly what lies ahead. After a perilous drive, she parks her car and waits. As dawn lights, she recognizes with fear and trepidation, an Old One, a come-to-life mythical Sasquatch creature that persist in global folklore. Though no longer young, Ruby knows she must heed to call wherever the Old Ones take her. Thus, begins a book that defies genre description, though the new “visionary fiction” category probably is the best bet. The author’s personal lineage of medicine women and healers and knowledge of Native American traditions forms a fascinating foundation for the first book in the Blue Child Series.

While this is Ruby’s book, we are also introduced to her sisters, Agnes and Grace, who both have special talents and missions related to their Native American heritage. By the end of On The Mountain, many questions are raised that must be answered in the sequels. Who exactly is this Blue Child? For that matter—who or what exactly is Ruby? What powers on earth and in the stars are working on the planet?

O’Brien’s writing style is fluid and poetic, painting the scenes in the mind like a literary Monet. It’s a beautiful and intriguing book. Definitely out of the ordinary. Take an imaginary trip—On The Mountain.

???????????????????????????????June O’Brien is an award winning author living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She is a member of the Nansemond Tribe, has degrees in psychology and counseling, and has published two collections of poetry and two books of fiction: The Blue Child Series: On the Mountain, and The North Road.

She is from a culture in which seeing spirits, visiting with them, and being summoned are not unusual. She knows the spiritual gifts of wild plants, gathers them and makes medicine for the body and for the soul. This knowledge is woven into The Blue Child Series. 


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What Does “Mercury Retrograde” Mean and What Are the Effects?


Debbie Nuccio Durrough is one of my favorite teachers. Earlier in the year I took a class in spiritual painting. She passed out information on Mercury Retrograde, just as my house was going on the market. The first deal turned out to be a sham. We finally put a good deal together–after the Mercury Retrograde period had passed! Enjoy this article from Debbie. If you live in Southern California, I highly recommend her classes. ~ Dana Taylor

 Debbie Nuccio DurroughDebbie Nuccio Durrough

Mercury in color - Prockter07 centered.jpgPre-Mercury Retrograde: 9/19 – 10/2/14

Mercury Retrograde Dates:  10/3 – 10/24/14

Post Mercury Retrograde Period: 10/25 – 11/10/14

Planet Mercury (rules communication and machinery)

Definition of “Retrograde” ~ to move or seem to move backwards

The planet Mercury is retrograde three to four times a year

In 2014, Mercury retrogrades three times, all beginning in water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, and then back into air signs.

A Time, Season, and Reason…The energies during this Mercury Retrograde support balancing and healing your body, mind, and spirit. Take this time to R-E-L-A-X, RELEASE, and REPLENISH.  The energies support Tuning In To Your Inner Wisdom and reflecting on any repeating patterns in your life that are getting in the way of you expressing your true self. It is the season of Rest, Reflection, Review, Revision, Reconcile, Revision and all the other “Re” words except react!

For most people it is not the best time to start anything new, make new commitments or purchase new appliances, electronics, equipment, vehicles, etc. I say for most people because if you are NOT taking the time to rest, replenish, revisit, revise, reconcile, etc., you may feel like everything is out of sorts and/or out of control. Any area of your life that is out of balance can feel like you are experiencing what some refer to as Murphy’s Law. Think of this period as your introspection time.


With regards to Mercury Retrograde and all forms of communication and/or machinery (i.e. vehicles, appliances, computer, printer, cell phone, Facebook, twitter, etc.), don’t panic when “life happens.”  If you can’t wait to fix and/or purchase a new item, it’s OK to fix it and/or purchase a new item.  Just make sure you understand the return policy and all warranties.  Taking a little break from cell phone, texting, Facebook, twitter, etc. may prove to be beneficial because the energies support you in Resting, Replenishing, Reflecting, Revising, etc.


It may be helpful to know that for some, starting something “new” under a Mercury Retrograde typically fizzles out and/or at best can be frustrating due to the timing being off or the many changes and/or revisions that will come up.  However, do remember it is an excellent time to Revisit, Revise, and Re-invent yourself, your work, complete anything that was already started, clear out and let go of anything (person, place, or thing) that isn’t working in your life, and Revisit, Resolve, and Reconcile your past and past relationships.


Mercury Retrograde at times seems to bring challenges with all forms of communication: written, verbal, electronically, postal, legal, and it also can slow down how we process information, thoughts and mess with our short term memory (i.e. “What was I going to say/do, etc.”)


If any legal issues come up that can’t be delayed until after Mercury goes direct, make sure you read and re-read all contracts, legal documents, obtain legal assistance, and be flexible as moving forward it may need to be changed or revised.  Traveling during a Mercury Retrograde?  Allow enough time and have a backup plan as it is possible to experience delays and/or lost luggage.  

REMEMBER…Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to:


Tune Out and TUNE IN


Balance Your Body, Mind,

Connect with old friends and/or people from your past

Finish anything you started

Clear out clutter and get organized

Pay old debts

Keep your promises

Keep your integrity in check

Seeking employment? Revise your Resume and Reapply and Resubmit job applications

Reflect on the repeating dysfunctional patterns in your life (i.e. same

problem different face, here I go again, or why is this happening again, etc.)

Meditate ~Tune Out and Tune In

Reflect, Relax, Review, Revisit, Re-vise, Re-do, Re-turn, Re-trace, Re-issue, Re-wind, Reapply, Replenish, Release, Reconcile, Rejuvenate, and all of the other words beginning with “Re” EXCEPT “React.” If you find yourself “reacting,” take a deep breath and remember that you and all concerned are at risk for being misunderstood (due to challenges with all forms of communication).

About Debbie Nuccio Durrough
Debbie is the founder of Tune In To Sound® and her passion is with teaching a variety of holistic alternatives classes that support the new definition of “wellness”, and a variety of metaphysical and spiritual development classes that can STRENGTHEN Your SIX Spiritual Senses and allow you to easily connect with your Inner Wisdom (God-given gift of Intuition), Inner Rhythm (self-confidence and all forms of creative self-expression), and Inner Healer. All of Debbie’s classes support personal growth, self-empowerment, and the principle that everything is energy.
Debbie is a certified Reiki and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, a Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming Master Teacher , a Heal and Transform Your Life with Drumming Teacher, a Color and Sound Therapy Practitioner Teacher, a Tuning Fork Therapy® Teacher, a trained HealthRHYTHMS® empowerment drumming facilitator, a Numerologist, a Feng Shui consultant, and an IMPART certified empath and sound healer registered with the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, the Sound Healers Association,  and HealthRHYTHMS® at REMO INC.  Debbie is the creator of The Magic of Color and Sound®, Wellness with Color and Music, Magical Musical Messages®, and The Wonderful WIZDOM of OZ – You Have Always Had the Power Psychic Development Workshop.
Debbie is currently a teacher and facilitator of certification classes at the School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences located at: 18271 McDurmott West, Suite H, Irvine, CA92614.  She also facilitates classes, workshops, and events at the Historical Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, The Riverside County Office on Again, Common Ground in Corona, and Care Alternatives Hospice in Riverside,CA.