“Ever-Flowing Streams” Wins Indie Spiritual Book Award

Tapping400I am happy to announce Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy won the Energy Medicine Category of the 2014 The Indie Spiritual Book Awards (TISBA).

You can read more about the program at http://theindiespiritualbookawards.com/index.php/why

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TISBA category_winner_sm (1)While it’s great to build credibility through awards, it is the personal feedback of readers that is the most important reason to write a book like Ever-Flowing Streams. Here is a customer review that makes the time and effort of writing worthwhile:

From “LeoGoddess” (Southern California):

I was absolutely engaged, from the first page to the last. I could not put the book down. This isn’t just a memoir, or a book about healing. It is one woman’s spiritual journey at discovering her own healing power through Christ. She explains how it is available for all of us to tap in to. I appreciate her down to Earth approach and how she shares her doubts and thinks at times she might be “crazy”, yet she lets her heart guide her to amazing enlightenment. The book has the meat and potatoes of science and references to other scientific books if you care to research, sprinkled with the seasoning of personal life stories. It is an enjoyable, yet informative read. Personally, I felt like she was giving words and explanations to beliefs I already held to be true but could not explain. Each chapter was a beautiful revelation, such as the fact that at our DNA level we are luminary beings as we are made of bio-photons which actually emit light energy. I felt safe in the knowledge that she is just a girl from California, seasoned in the Southern Midwest who has a Christian background. My fear of tapping into things that weren’t of God have always held me back. Without being preachy, the author gives honor to God and Jesus for her gift of healing power. I am thankful that she answered the call and had the courage to share this with us all.

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The Final Fourth of July

Jul4I was ten years old the first time I celebrated the Fourth of July in my California home. With a backyard pool and neighborhood fireworks permitted, our house became the Fourth Party Place for half a century. Once upon a time, I was the kid jumping in the deep end, swimming to grandmothers, aunts, and uncles. Years later, my mother taught my children how to swim in the shallow end. This year, I was the “Nina” catching children  and going round in circles (“motor boat, motor boat go so fast.”)

This Fourth was busy, noisy, and merry. But, most days it’s gotten very quiet. Too quiet. The aunts and uncles are gone. Mom, Dad, the grandparents–all swimming in that great pool in the sky. My own grand kids live thousands of miles away. Going to Nina’s house isn’t exactly over the river and through the woods. It requires stop overs and lots of  travel money.

JulyEarlier this year I came to the decision it was time to give up the family homestead and move on. It’s one more adjustment to being part of The Widow’s Club. So I’m packing up, selling off, and hoping for great adventures ahead. First stop will be St. Louis and settling into a space at Daughter #1′s house. Come the height of winter, you’ll probably be able to find me in Hawaii with Daughter #2. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

Reiki healing energy travels well. I’m sure clients will be led to my door wherever I go. Maybe I’ll even start a new book or two.

I am blessed to have friends in so many places–from sea to shining sea. I look forward to visiting many of you–and making new friends along the way.

Blessings to all–

Dana Taylor

The New “F” Word

You’re driving down the 405 freeway (or whatever insane highway is near your house) and a sleek, black BMW with tinted windows zooms in behind you, rides your bumper, finds an opening to dart around you, jumps in front of you, and finally zig-zags away like the proverbial bat out of hell. Your conditioned reaction might be the traditional one-finger salute and a resounding F-bomb from your lips bouncing off the dash of your car.

Road rage is only one symptom of a world that runs on the “F-You” philosophy of anger and revenge.  (Like George Carlin, I’ve always found it strange that the true meaning of the F-word is an act that should be equated with bliss, union, and love. It just shows how much we have fallen from grace when the sexual act becomes synonymous with violence, rape, and degradation.) Many religions, cults, and special interest groups draw people by feeding on feelings of fear and revenge. They create gods in their image that must exact vengeance. How many holy wars have we got going right now? How many states are implementing crazy stand-your-ground gun laws? The world appears to be one big F-YOU extravaganza.

forgiveMay I suggest a new F-word? How about FORGIVENESS? The idea isn’t new. Jesus of Nazareth proclaimed the revolutionary idea over 2,000 years ago in the Middle East. Give up “an eye for an eye” and embrace “forgive seventy times seven.”   Today California is in anguish over the vengeful attack of a disturbed young man who fed on misogynistic websites until he drove into the night on a murdering rampage. He was a product of our revenge mentality.

Forgiveness isn’t for sissies. It goes against the grain, against the indoctrination of thousands of years from religious leaders, politicians, and Mom and Dad. We glorify vengeance movies. From John Wayne to Marvel Super Heroes, we exalt the good guy who blows away the bad guy. And so the cycle continues.

But, a few have found the power of Forgiveness and changed their world. The violence of Belfast came to an end when two determined women, Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan,  led peace marches in their war-torn country. They won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976.

Leymah GboweeDecades later, on another continent, another mother became fed up with the cycle of violence inflicted on her country. Leymeh Gbowee of Liberia had a vision of peace and forgiveness. Women surged forward and began a new philosophy for living. Watch the excellent Pray the Devil Back to Hell documentary about the amazing courage and unity of the Liberian women. Ms. Gbowee  won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for her role in ending the Liberian civil wars.

On an individual level, unforgiveness destroys personal relationships, good health, and inner peace. How many people have you known who nurse grudges and become mean, sad people? Forgiveness is the path to personal peace. Of course, the first person to forgive is YOURSELF. My work as a Reiki healer has shown me how often guilt is an underlying factor in illness. Guilt and unforgiveness make people sick.

The path to forgiveness may be difficult to find. While Christ proclaimed it, many churches don’t seem to understand or embrace it. A Course in Miracles is built on it, but it’s one thing to decide intellectually to forgive and another to emotionally do it. We humans feel entitled to our “righteous indignation.” The first step is the desire to forgive; the next is an honest request to the Divine to show you the way. The answer will be revealed. Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door will be opened is still sound advice.

forgaveYou’ve heard it said, Laughter is the best medicine, but as a healer, I’m more inclined to believe Forgiveness is the best medicine.

The next time you feel a bout of road rage coming on, try this: instead of a crude gesture and the F-bomb, give a little wave and say “Forgive you!” I’ll bet your day goes much better.

Oh, if only the world could adopt a new F-Word–Forgive.

Blessings to you–

Dana Taylor



Tapping400 Read more about the power of forgiveness and energy healing in Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy



How “A Course in Miracles” Changed Me

Part Four in a series on A Course in Miracles

Dana by Dana Taylor

pitcherWhat has A Course in Miracles done for me? When I think of myself before ACIM, I envision a crystal pitcher, seemingly capable of holding water and performing its task of offering liquid to the thirsty. But, upon closer inspection, the pitcher is riddled with tiny hairline cracks. It can’t contain water and is in danger of shattering at any moment.

Through the years of reading, absorbing, and pondering ACIM, the cracks have been healing, filling in and disappearing. Slowly, almost unperceptively. The pitcher no longer leaks (much), the glass is becoming clearer. Light shines through it and projects a spectrum of colorful beams.

I’ve never joined an ACIM discussion group or even read books about it. I’ve simply embarked on the Course by myself as time has allowed. It is a self-study course. The first year I read a portion of the text and did one lesson a day. The time investment is minimal. Often, the lessons ask for five or ten minutes of concentrated effort a day.

I’ve learned to read aloud so my mind can hear as well as see the concepts. Jesus isn’t teaching in parables. The concepts sometimes feel out of reach, not quite in my grasp. It doesn’t matter if my conscious mind doesn’t “get” it. At some level the concepts and frequencies of the idea are internalized.

What do I get out of it? Product Details

  • A change in perception. Lesson 1 begins: Nothing I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) means anything. Quantum physics is showing us that our sense of reality is largely an illusion. ACIM starts lifting the veil of our illusions. Slowly, the knowledge dawns that we are truly creating our own realities. If you don’t like your “reality,” change it with your thoughts.
  • Unity with God. The awareness that the philosophies that have ruled our world offer separation from God. But Jesus expressed a revolutionary concept –I and the Father are one. He lived it. ACIM points the way to living it also.
  • Forgiveness. The major message of ACIM is drawn in a rainbow of colors because it sounds so simple, but we humans live in a culture of unforgiveness and don’t even know it.
  • Inner Peace. That’s the goal.

People comment on how peaceful and steady I seem. My Reiki clients love to rest in the higher energies pouring through me in our sessions. A Course in Miracles has helped move me to a better place. When I think back on how I functioned ten years ago, I marvel at the changes in my inner self. If you’ve read my spiritual memoir, Ever-Flowing Streams, you know I had my share of anxieties, insomnia, and alcohol dependency. But I managed to work and raise a family. In other words, I was “normal.”

pitcher clearMy “new normal” feels much better. I have learned to “listen” to the Holy Spirit (inner Voice, whatever), take each day as a gift, and generally enjoy life. ACIM played a part in my inner transformation. I’m just trying to pass on a good thing.

Blessings to all—

Dana Taylor

A Course in Miracles has been translated into 22 languages. Learn more at the Foundation for Inner Peace website.


Heavenly Hollywood


Heaven Is For Real I’m happy to report Hollywood has decided “God sells” this year and so major studios have invested in a few faith-based stories. Tucked among the superheroes, catastrophes and the latest horror flicks this weekend, you can go and see the film adaptation of the surprise bestseller, Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo. Sony Pictures brought together an A-list cast, beginning with Greg Kinnear, as the small town Nebraska preacher, Todd Burpo. The Burpo family are real people, making ends meets in a tough economy. When their son, Colton, was four years old he nearly died from a burst appendix. While his body lay listless on the operating table, his spirit took a little spin around the hospital and then into the heavenly dimension. His startling recollections after his recovery rock his parents’ world. The movie does a good job of taking an incident and building a decent storyline around it. The always likeable Kinnear carries the film portraying a pastor faced with doubts about his own faith system.

From my point of view, the revelations are quite tame. When your circle of friends are spirit communicators, animal psychics, healers, and mystics, a little boy with an NDE is no big deal. Still, it was pleasing to see a movie dealing with faith issues and presenting a Christian preacher as someone of integrity, rather than a flim-flam man. It was also gratifying to see a well-attended house and hear the audience laugh at the right places. Applause broke out the end. I can’t remember that last movie I saw when that happened.

 Watch the Heaven is For Real Trailer


For my money, the really fascinating story that needs to be told is only touched upon in Heaven is for Real–the story of the amazing Akiane Kramarik. The movie begins with a girl painting a picture. During the course of the movie, Colton is asked to describe Jesus, but can’t find the words. The movie ends with him identifying the now-famous Prince of Peace painted by Akiane at the age of eight as the real deal.

Years ago I had a life-changing “dream” with Jesus visiting my bedside, holding my hand, and talking to me. His face was clear and his blue/green eyes so compelling. The experience is recalled in Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy. Like Colton Burpo, I stared in stunned amazement at my computer screen last year seeing the likeness Akiane painted. It is the Jesus of my “dream.”

prince of peace Prince of Peace by Akiane

Go and enjoy Heaven is For Real at the theatres. Your dollars will encourage Hollywood to keep making spirit movies.

And for a real treat watch some YouTube Videos of Akiane KramarikAkiane